Office 365 Exchange data file size

I have a user, one of many in our Office 365 exchange system. When their OST data file reaches 15 GB. It displays as disconnected in Outlook 2013. I redone another profile, works great but when it reaches 15 GB does the same thing. I have tried compacting the data file and reducing the cache time down to 3 months but remains disconnected. Nothing short of redoing the profile again with the 3 months cache time. I am not sure what to do. Any ideas?
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Damien KayCommented:
The default limit for an OST is supposed to be 50GB.  I found this great article on "Cached Exchange" to start with:

There was a link in that article that describes how to limit the OST size even further:;EN-US;832925

You may want to check the registry entries described in this article to see if limitations are in place...

Hope this helps!
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