How to handle missing fields in CSV file from VBA?

Hi Experts,
I have the following code to import records from an Excel file into my SQL table using MS Access ADP.
Public Sub ImportEmployeeFromWebApp()
   Dim conn As New ADODB.Connection
   Dim rs As New ADODB.Recordset
   Dim f As ADODB.Field
   Dim v As Variant
   Dim strSql As String
   conn.Open "DRIVER={Microsoft Text Driver (*.txt; *.csv)};DBQ=C:\Application;"
   rs.Open "SELECT * FROM [Application.csv]", conn, adOpenStatic, adLockReadOnly, adCmdText
   While Not rs.EOF
            strSql = "Insert into Employeestbl" _
            & "(LastName,FirstName,MiddleInitial,Title,AddressLine1,City,State,Zip,HomePhone,Beeper,WorkPhone,Extension,Phone2,Email,BestTimeToReach,AvailibilityPDays,Resume,Resume2 )" _
            & " Values (" & ConvertEmptyStrToNull(rs.Fields("LastName")) & "," & ConvertEmptyStrToNull(rs.Fields("FirstName")) & "," & ConvertEmptyStrToNull(rs.Fields("MiddleInitial")) & ",'" & rs.Fields("Title") & "'," & ConvertEmptyStrToNull(rs.Fields("AddressLine1")) & "," & ConvertEmptyStrToNull(rs.Fields("City")) & "," & ConvertEmptyStrToNull(rs.Fields("State")) & "," _
            & ConvertEmptyStrToNull(rs.Fields("Zip")) & "," & ConvertEmptyStrToNull(rs.Fields("HomePhone")) & "," & ConvertEmptyStrToNull(rs.Fields("Beeper")) & "," & ConvertEmptyStrToNull(rs.Fields("WorkPhone")) & "," & ConvertEmptyStrToNull(rs.Fields("Extension")) & "," _
            & ConvertEmptyStrToNull(rs.Fields("Phone2")) & "," & ConvertEmptyStrToNull(rs.Fields("Email")) & "," & ConvertEmptyStrToNull(rs.Fields("BestTime")) & "," & ConvertEmptyStrToNull(rs.Fields("AssignmentInterest")) & "," & ConvertEmptyStrToNull(rs.Fields("HearAbout")) & "," _
            & ConvertEmptyStrToNull(rs.Fields("OtherHearAbout")) & ")"
            CurrentProject.Connection.Execute strSql
End Sub

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Now my question is, how do I program to check for the existence of a field while building the dynamic SQL string, it should not result in an error in case some fields are missing in that CSV file?
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pls try

On Error Resume Next
Set obj = rs.Fields("Email")
On Error GoTo 0
Str = Str & IIf(IsEmpty(obj), "", "," & ConvertEmptyStrToNull(rs.Fields("Email")))

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bfuchsAuthor Commented:

Got the attached error msg when executing the last line.
bfuchsAuthor Commented:
I'm trying the following, dont get an error but isempty is never true.

   On Error Resume Next
   sFld = "LastName"
   Set Obj = rs.Fields("LastName")
    If IsEmpty(Obj) Or IsNull(Obj) Then
        strSql = strSql & ",Null"
        strSql = strSql & ",'" & Obj & "'"
        Set Obj = Nothing
    End If
On Error GoTo 0

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bfuchsAuthor Commented:
Added If IsEmpty(Obj) Or IsNull(Obj)  or Len(Obj)=0 Then.. and seems to work, will do more testing & let u know.
bfuchsAuthor Commented:
finally worked, thank you!
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