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HP K5400 Printer acting weird on Network

Niranjan Venkatesh
Niranjan Venkatesh asked
Hi Folks,
Been to a few sites and cant seem to come up with a solution on this.
I have a HP Officejet Pro K5400DN printer, that we have been using for over 5years with no issues. I have just recently migrated to Win 7 Ultimate 64bit , and the print server was upgraded to Win 7 Ultimate 64bit as well.
I have the printer on the network and it prints fine from the server. I then mapped the printer on another machine and tried to print. But the printer only prints the first 1 cm of the page and then eject the page. I tried printing from Word/Excel/PDF, no joy, even the Windows test page does the same.
I then installed the printer directly on the machine and it works fine !!!!!!!!!!
So what could be causing the error when printing via the print server ?
I have tried removing the drivers, reinstalling, unplugging the printer for 30 min.
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On-Site IT Technician
Have you tried removing the printer from the server & re-installing it from scratch?  I would try that first.

If that doesn't fix it, try the Printer Fixit tool on the PC. This page has links the "LIte" and "Full" versions:

Try the Lite one first: that will reset some registry & service settings.  I was having iissues on my PC: I couldn't remove some drivers. And my PC kept detecting a phantom printer that didn't exist.  I ran the "Lite" version and it fixed it right away.

The "full" version will completely reset the printer environment on the PC: it will remove printers, drivers & ports. So, be prepared to completely re-install all printers & drivers if you run that.


HI Alicia W,

They are busy using the network today , but tomorrow the network will be down and that will give me chance to to test your solution.