Do I need an Edge Transport Server with Exchange 2013?

We're migrating an SBS 2008 environment to Server 2012 R2 + Exchange 2013, will I need to factor in a separate server for the Edge Transport role?  Microsoft documentation on this and what I can find online is somewhat confusing about whether it's a requirement or not.  I believe one of the reasons for having a separate Edge Transport server is for AV protection etc, currently McAfee GroupShield for Exchange is running on the SBS 2008 server and we are licensed for the latest version, so that could be installed wherever necessary.
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Edge Server is used for SPAM Filtering and protection from Viruses. It is usually installed on a Perimeter Network so that any attack from internet will not have any impact on other servers in the organization. Edge Server takes all incoming traffic from internet and send traffic to internet. So it is always good to keep it in a separate network to improve security in organization.

Edge Server will not be added to Active Directory Domain. So any attacker will not be able to harvest much information from this server. However it requires information regarding recipients in the organization. This is provided thru EdgeSync which is configured on Edge Server.

If you have any other SPAM Filtering + Secure devices like Cisco Ironport or Barracuda SPAM Firewall, these can be used as an alternative to Edge Server. These can be configured on Perimeter network to accept mails and relay to Exchange Servers after SPAM/AV checks.
mtxitAuthor Commented:
Thanks.  So given that this environment doesn't have an external spam filtering device/service, we would therefore need an Edge Transport Server.  Would we then install McAfee GroupShield for Exchange on the Edge Transport server, or on the main Exchange 2013 (mailbox&CAS) server?
Simon Butler (Sembee)ConsultantCommented:
I have never deployed an Edge server since the roll became available. I don't see the point. Waste of money and resources. As an anti-spam product it is close to useless. If it could do HTTPS traffic as well, then that would be a different matter, but as a plain SMTP filtering server, not worth the money. You can get a lot more functionality for a lot less funds using third party software.

If you have the budget for an additional Exchange and Windows licence, plus the hardware, then get an appliance instead, or use an externally hosted service for filtering instead.

Please check with McAfee support that your license is valid for McAfee Security for Microsoft Exchange. This is the new version of GroupShield. This software provides Anti-Spam, Anti-Virus and Content Filtering capabilities. This software only supports Exchange 2013 SP1 and can be installed on Mailbox Server Role or Edge Transport Role.

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mtxitAuthor Commented:
Hi, thanks for all the advice.  Yes we're licensed for version 8.5, we'll go for that on the Mailbox Server for now.
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