What are these 3 characters showing up on the front of my SQl files ? ""

We have started to notice these 3 characters "" showing up on the front of the SQL reports. We found an article on how to turn them off, but I wanted to know more about what and why they are there.
Also noticed them on the front of other files from MS products like "Expressions" and "Excel"
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These characters are the byte order mark (BOM) for Unicode encoding, in this case specifically for UTF-8. It basically tells the reader how to interpret the characters.

Take a look at this page for further information:

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sidwelleAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the info !

Do you know of any recommended way to get rid of the BOM characters ?
We have a problem when we read the file raw for processing.  
I can search for "" and skip them, but that will only work if the files are encoded with this method.
Is there a simple way to skip all BOM markers ?

sidwelleAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the info.
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