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how to resize partition c

Hello Experts,
We have thise server with two partitions on one disk c: and f;
The fact is that partition c: has only 16 Gb and tehn coes partition f:
and then comes 295 gb of unallocated space,..
All in oune harddisk

We need to expand partition c: without formating or creating a problema
How can we use the os commands to do this? or is there any other way?
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systechSenior Technical Lead


It is possible if you haven't configured RAID on the server. The best method is documented here


Also, you can use any 3rd party tool like partition magic to achieve this.
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Either backup the middle partition, then delete it, expand your C:\partition using diskmanagement (provided your OS is Vista/2008 Server or above). Then create a new partition to which you restore your backed up partition.

Or use a 3rd party tool like GParted to first move the middle partition to the end of the disk, and then you can expand C:. GParted is free and OpenSource, while partition magic is an ancient product that isn't being sold anymore since many years (probably more than a decade), and it wasn't free, and if my memory doesn't fail, it wouldn't work on server OS's anyway. Make sure you have a full backup either way as things can always fail.

Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process Advisor
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We need to expand partition c: without formating or creating a problema
You can consider this the goal, but you BETTER be CERTAIN that if something goes wrong, you CAN format and restore from a backup.  Whenever you are mucking around with partitions you run the risk of corrupting things.  Further, repartitioning (where there is no "empty" space between two partitions) can take HOURS depending on many factors so even if successful, you need to be prepared to make the server unavailable for hours.

Ideally, if this were a VM, you would be able to do this fairly easily - each "drive" would be a separate file that was easily expanded.  If this isn't a VM, consider moving it to one to make your life easier in the future.
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i have used Bootit-BM for this - very stable; but a good backup is never lost !
so - download and make the Bootit-BM cd (free for what you want) - and boot from it
do not install it on the disk - hit cancel -  and select partition work
your disk looks now like CCCFFFFUUUUUUUUU
so first select F: and select slide to move it to end of disk
when this is done - the disk looks like CCCUUUUUUUUUFFFF
now select C: and select resize - give the amount you want and let it resize
that's it !
noxchoIT Product Manager
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What OS are you using?
If 2008 or higher then simply copy out data from F: drive. Then delete F: and after that right click on C: - extend - give new size. Wait till resize is done.
Then create new F: partition of the rest of unallocated space and copy your data back.
All this is done via Windows Disk Management.
My favorite for a server is:


One of my clients had a small business server from Dell and it came partitioned with 30gb for the C drive and everything else for data.  It rapidly ran out of room on C and then had all sorts of issues.  I was constantly called in to clean it up (remove temp files, etc., to keep it from filling up).  Eventually, I used this software to repartition without any data loss.  The server version does cost, but it works and is easy to use.

That said, I would NEVER mess with drives without at least 2 redundant backups, as others here have said.
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well - there's lots of commercial partition managers - and my favorite one is from Paragon; they have a free one too :
RGuillermoProject Manager


Thanks to all experts!!!
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I'm wondering why you accepted those comments as the solutions. leew and I said practically the same as those you accepted did, only we were about half a day earlier. Usually one would accept the first correct answers, not the last ones.