How to populate a Power Point file with multiple photos

I am raising this question in the PowerPoint forum as I suspect this might be one of the easiest method of achieving the result I am after.

I am an (very) amateur photographer and I have agreed to do a photo shoot at a Presentation Dinner at the weekend for my local Air Cadet squadron.

Contents of pictures will be parents and cadets captured on arrival in a semi-studio setup in their finery and later in the evening will also include photos of cadets receiving awards.

There is a suggestion that the pictures of folks in their finery could be printed, mounted and sold at a minimal fee to raise funds for the squadron. The presentation pictures will be distributed free.

Logistics of printing, mounting and distributing after payment will be a separate issue but the question in hand is how to present the collection of photos to potential recipients so that they can decide whether to purchase.

The idea I have is to load all of the photos into slides in a PowerPoint file with suitably numbered slides and images so that the people wanting to purchase can specify the slide and image position to be printed.

Issue 1: Speed of compiling the PowerPoint file. There is likely to be 50+ photos to insert into the file. Is there a method by which I can get PowerPoint to create the file, I assume by VBA, pulling each image from a particular folder and populating each slide with one or more photos per slide with suitable slide and image numbering? I suspect one photo per slide is going to be easiest as I may need to consider different image sizes.

Issue 2: The images in the PowerPoint need to suitably Watermarked and low quality so that the viewers of the PowerPoint file can't just extract the photo and do their own printing. This isn't a Copyright issue as I am happy to relinquish copyright but more an issue of stopping people printing without paying, the whole point of doing it is to raise money.

Issue 3: The PowerPoint file is likely to be distributed by private Facebook group and email so the file needs to be suitably small enough to be distributable. I suspect the image quality will impact this so would be another consideration when looking at Issue 2.

I am willing to consider other options. I am aware that there are online providers of photo printing services but do not know anything about them and whether they would work in this sort of situation; ie one provider of photos with potentially multiple customers.

Many thanks
Rob H
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Rob HensonFinance AnalystAsked:
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PC or Mac?
Photoshop is one obvious candidate, if you have it.
Otherwise flickr or similar online photo-sharing service. You can control visibility and resolution of the images that others can download/print. You can post links to the gallery if you don't want it publicly viewable.
Point 1 if you want to create a file

You could create an excel list with your image files and then make a mail merge in Word

with this type of field

{ INCLUDEPICTURE “c:\\fundraising\{ MERGEFIELD “Picture” }.jpg” \* MERGEFORMAT \d }
Jamie GarrochSenior Technical Consultant at BrightCarbonCommented:
Hi Rob.

You can use the Photo Album feature of PowerPoint to do the grunt of what you need. You could also use some of the photo album-based templates.

This is for 2013 but similar for 2010 and 2007:

Template : Click File / New and search for "Photo" in the search bar
Photo Album : Click Insert followed by Photo Album in the Images group

You'll then be able to specify the images you want.

If you want to automate the addition of indexes for each slide, you could use this VBA code snippet:

Option Explicit

Sub AddPhotoIndex()
  Dim PhotoID As Integer
  Dim oSld As Slide
  Dim oShp As Shape
  Dim shpLeft As Single, shpTop As Single
  ' Set your shape position
  shpLeft = 50: shpTop = 50
  ' Set the starting photo ID
  PhotoID = 1027
  For Each oSld In ActivePresentation.Slides
    Set oShp = oSld.Shapes.AddShape(msoShapeRectangle, shpLeft, shpTop, 0, 0)
    With oShp
      With .TextFrame
        With .TextRange
          .Text = PhotoID
          .Font.Color.RGB = RGB(255, 255, 255) ' Change the text colour here
        End With
        .AutoSize = ppAutoSizeShapeToFitText
        .WordWrap = msoFalse
      End With
      .Fill.Visible = True
      .Fill.ForeColor.RGB = RGB(128, 128, 128) ' Change the fill colour here
      .Line.Visible = msoTrue
      .Line.ForeColor.RGB = RGB(0, 0, 0) ' Change the line colour here
    End With
    PhotoID = PhotoID + 1
End Sub

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Rob HensonFinance AnalystAuthor Commented:
Jamie's idea looks good for getting the initial distribution sorted. I won't have time to try it until after the event so will be trying it for real.

I have done some further research and it looks like PhotoBox do exactly what I need with their Pro Gallery service.

Photobox don't charge setup or membership fee. The account holder sets the price for each of the products available. The recipient pays this Price but does not have visibility of the cost behind it. Photobox take the cost of the product plus 10% of the selling price from the revenue and the remaining 90% of the profit goes to the account holder.

PhotoBox cost  £1.00
Selling Price      £1.50
Commission      £0.15

Profit into PhotoBox account  £0.35

Doesn't sound like a lot of profit but all of the logistics and quality issues are covered.

Rob H

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try using IRFANVIEW 
it has a lot of features including bulk image processing and generating slide shows
with controlled image resolution, watermarks
Rob HensonFinance AnalystAuthor Commented:
Not abandoned, just had not time to test suggestions as mentioned before.
Rob HensonFinance AnalystAuthor Commented:

Thanks for all your inputs. Went with the PhotoBox gallery option in the end but committee didn't like the pricing options available, particularly having to pay postage on top. Ordering multiple copies or single copies of multiple files with only one postage charge would have leant itself to this option but multiple people ordering single copies and thus each having to pay postage didn't really work out.

Committee have decided to go with selling digital copy directly to end user, copy of file emailed after payment received, for them to do their own printing.

Rob H
Rob HensonFinance AnalystAuthor Commented:
Went with the PhotoBox gallery option in the end but committee didn't like the pricing options available, particularly having to pay postage on top.
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