Saving Setting Option (Local or Database)


I am adding various intro pop up screens / messages to my app that explain various parts of the app... such as:



This section allows you to... etc.

[ ] don't show this again


User's can click the 'don't show this again' option and the setting will be saved,so that they don't see the message again, however i am trying to decide where to save this setting.

Which do you think is a better method?

A - save the setting to locally within the app (quicker access, but would future updates cause problems)

B - save the setting to the user's profile in the database (slower, but would not effect future updates)

Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated, thank you.
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KRUNAL TAILORFreelance Mobile DeveloperCommented:
Hi oo7ml,

You may use the " NSUserDefaults class". Here is the class ref:

You can save settings and properties within application, saved data will persist through application sessions.
Here is tutorial:

Thanks & Regards,
Krunal T. Tailor
oo7mlAuthor Commented:
Thanks. Woukd updating the app in the future every affect the data saved locally?
KRUNAL TAILORFreelance Mobile DeveloperCommented:
No, it want affect the data until you remove and install again.
Update is not cause any problem. I had already used in my apps to save data similar way.
oo7mlAuthor Commented:
Excellent, thank you.
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