Cannot Copy Cisco Router Config via TFTP to TFTP Server on Windows 2008 R2 Server

I am using TFTPD64 on a Windows 2008R2 Server. I am trying to simply copy TFTP configs from routers/switches to this server. I have made sure that the Everyone group has full control file permissions of the TFPT Root Folder but when I attempt to copy the config of the switch via tftp I get this message (IP address changed):

%Error opening tftp:// (Illegal protocol operation)

I have even disabled the Firewall service to make sure that isn't an issue. Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated.
Rob SandersAsked:
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Are you able to ping the server IP from cisco router ?

If yes, can you try changing TFTP folder to your "My Documents" folder instead ?
Don JohnstonInstructorCommented:
"illegal protocol operation" usually means IP isn't enabled.  Do you have an IPv4 address assigned to the switch?
Rob SandersAuthor Commented:
Yes, i am able to ping the server without issue and I can even TFTP transfer to a workstation that is on the same LAN as the router.

I tried changing the folder to the My Documents folder as suggested but it made no difference.
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Rob SandersAuthor Commented:
 Yes an IP address is assigned to the switch and I have successfully made a TFTP transfer from the switch to a workstation that is on the same LAN as the Windows 2008 R2 server.

For some clarity, i realize i have gone back between router and switch when discussing this problem. I am primarily focused on getting the TFTP server functioning on the Windows 2008 R2 server so that I can regularly TFTP file copy to and from it. I have tried from both a switch and router to make this happen but run into the "illegal protocol operation" error in both cases.

Also, both the switch and router are able to TFTP copy to a workstation on the same LAN as the Windows 2008 R2 server without issue.
Did you try to do it with just:
# copy run tftp://

And follow the prompts to enter file name.

Rob SandersAuthor Commented:
 Thank you for the suggestion. I get the same "Illegal protocol . . ." error even when using the #copy run tftp:// format.
Can you try with different TFTP server just to be sure it is not some issue with tftpd64.
Here is TFTP server I usually use:
Rob SandersAuthor Commented:
Trying right now. I will post results shortly.
Rob SandersAuthor Commented:
Argh! Same problem even with 3CDaemon TFTP.
Under TFTPD64 Settings, go to TFTP tab, and select this options:
TFTP settings
Rob SandersAuthor Commented:
Making those changes did not make a difference. However, I did get the following message after I made the change and went to restart TFTPd64:

"Bind error 10013
An attempt was made to access a socket in a way forbidden by its access permissions."

and then all I can do is click Ok. is the IP address of the Windows 2008 R2 server that I am try binding the TFTP software to.

In the log viewer it shows:

Error : socket returns 10022: <An invalid argument was supplied.> [13/03 09:16:16.311]
Error : socket returns 10022: <An invalid argument was supplied.> [13/03 09:16:16.311]
Close TFTPD64, and try to run it as Administrator (right-click "Run as administrator...").
Also check that something else is not listening on UDP/69 port.

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Rob SandersAuthor Commented:
hmm, we might be on to something. It looks like I have wdsserver running on port 69.

Could I make the switch/router tftp on a different port?
Rob SandersAuthor Commented:
Fidelius, you are a genius. I disabled that service temporarily so that port 69 was available for TFTP and that fixed the issue.

I will probably just install the TFTP software on a different server that doesn't need to use port 69 so I don't run into this problem.

Thank you so much for the assistance.
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