Outlook 2013 VBA: display new dial dialog with a number other than the primary number?

In the Outlook object model one can call a contact item via dial(contactitem) method of the application.namespace object. However, this only brings up the Primary phone number of the contact.
Is there a way to allow use of other numbers?
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David LeeCommented:
Hi, KKress.

I'm not in a position to test this, but couldn't you set the Primary number to whichever number you want to use before issuing the Dial command?  For example, if you wanted to dial the contacts home phone number, then set the contact's Primary phone number to the number stored in Home phone.  If you want to pick which number to dial, then display a dialog-box showing all of the contact's numbers and ask the user to select which one to dial.  On making that selection, copy the selected number into Primary, save the change, and then issue the Dial command.
KKressAuthor Commented:
BlueDevilFan, sounds like a "creative" solution. I'm sure it'll work, and I'll take this as an accepted solution. In order to allow maybe other "more straight Forward" Solutions to be posted, I Keep this question open for another 1 or 2 days. Thanks anyway for this excellent Workaround!
KKressAuthor Commented:
As said, I waited for a couple of days, but no further Solutions offered. So I'll go with your solution. I have created a dummy contact item, which receives the number as the Primary number, so I don't have to Switch things back.
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