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Advanced Digital Library for our Designer with 2TB of PSD/JPG Files

EE Folks:

I am looking for a digital library to keep/host (internally) all of our PSD files, JPG files, etc. all with searchable terms. The searchable terms would be added once an employee adds/uploads a file there will be boxes to fill out for them to add the searchable tags. I would also like to be able to upload our Font files, we have around 600+ fonts.

Currently we have everything scattered between Google Docs, a Synology NAS and 2 Lenovo NAS and I would like to combine all of that. I do not mind working with all my designers in reuploading everything to the new system and require them to put in the searchable tags.

I like the web interface to this software because it has to be easy and creative to use (web based) with either SSO authentication and/or local db user set up.

However they seem to specialize in digital video and I'm needing digital photography.

Scratch that, we probably have closed to 5TB of files.
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If you mean macintosh - finder/spotlight will not index anything other than i- prefixed storage
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Perfect, thank you!
Thankyou so glad it helped.