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Access Router Without Admin Password

We have a WRT310N v1 device from Cisco/Linksys.

It was installed by another company and has critical information in it for a dedicated fiber circuit so resetting it is not an option nor do we know the password.  The default password does not work.

It has the stock firmware (from the manufacturer) however we are not sure of the exact version.

Is there any way to get into this router (we have local, physical access to it) to either retrieve the critical information (IP address, subnet, DNS, gateway, et cetera) or is it impossible?

We don't believe it is something overly complicated (such as a 12+ character password generated) yet not obvious as we have tried many combinations.
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This articlke on Checking the Local IP Address from Kinksys may help


It says the default IP Address is

You can also try an IPCONFIG/ALL from a command prompt to get the IP Address and other information



I've requested that this question be deleted for the following reason:

We figured it out.
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If you get need the ip information try connecting to the thing and doing an ipconfig