umdh - need some help

Hi Experts,

I have the following stack that occurs in the delta file (the compare file) after 2 snapshots are compared.  It's showing a memory leak - but I don't know where.

I'm hoping someone can help me with some tricks on how to determine which of the 5 functions the leak could be coming from [Run, SetStatusCompleted, SetStatus, SendRequest or SendHttpRequest]

I've looked through the code in all these functions at everything I can think of and cannot pinpoint where this leak is coming from.

Can anyone give me some ideas / general tricks of the trade without looking at the code?  I can't show the code in these functions for business reasons.

Thank you,

+   16472 (  16472 -      0)      1 allocs      BackTrace16182460
+       1 (      1 -      0)      BackTrace16182460      allocations

      ntdll! ?? ::FNODOBFM::`string'+0001913B
      OurProject!CWinHttpClient::SendHttpRequest+0000063E (e:\proj\src\proj\servers\ourserver\inc\winhttpclient.cpp, 167)
      OurProject!CWebRequest::SendRequest+000001E4 (e:\proj\src\proj\servers\ourserver\inc\webrequest.cpp, 427)
      OurProject!CWebRequest::SetStatus+00000220 (e:\proj\src\proj\servers\ourserver\inc\webrequest.cpp, 359)
      OurProject!OurTask::SetStatusCompleted+000001BF (e:\proj\src\proj\servers\ourserver\server\analyze\OurTask.cpp, 205)
      OurProject!OurTask::Run+0000022D (e:\proj\src\proj\servers\ourserver\server\analyze\OurTask.cpp, 105)
      OurProject!RunTask+00000070 (e:\proj\src\proj\servers\ourserver\server\task\itask.cpp, 98)
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I am not familiar with the output of  the snapshots and the comparison you posted.

can you explain where the leak is and which outputs come from first snapshot and which came from second snapshot?

generally, if a network operation runs asynchronously you necessarily need a temporary buffer which cannot be freed before the asynchronous operation was finished. if that buffer was on the heap you temporarily would have a leak if you make a snapshot after call and before the send operation was finished. the way out often is to using a (static) buffer on the stack, but that is not always possible especially in multi-threaded environments where the next operation would need to use the same buffer.


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threadyAuthor Commented:
It was actually in a pool- so it was created and kept around for re-use.

Thank you!
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