How to fix an intermittent issue printing on a network printer

I recently removed local print drivers on our computers on our network and we are now mapping users to a network printer though our server. Even though I'm able to print to the network printer without an issue, I have a handful of users at times are not able to print to the same printer I have on our network. What makes the situation more confusing is that I'm able to log into any users pc on my account(which I have admin access to) and print without an issue. Once I log off and then have the user log back into the PC, they are able to print again but then later in the day, the problem comes back and the user is not able to print again.  I thought it might be a local profile issue, so I recreated the user profile and that only seems to work for a short period of time and then I'm back to square one...has anyone come across this issue? I've also attached a screenshot of the error that I'm getting from one of users having issues printing to the network printer.
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Spike99On-Site IT TechnicianCommented:
Try the steps in the answer to this question on

Basically, the steps that helped the user in that case was to install the printer on the PC in question using a local port with the UNC path of the shared printer as the port name.  For example, \\Computer_Name\Printer_Share_Name

If that doesn't help, try the MS "fixit" for printers:

That page has links to 2 MS Fixit tools. The "lite" version will refresh print settings on the PC by  correcting some registry & service dependency issues.  I used that "Lite" version myself to correct some funky issues I was having on my PC with phantom printers showing & not being able to update or remove some drivers.   It worked like a champ.

The "Full" version will do all that plus remove any printers, drivers, print monitors & printer ports: it basically sets the printer environment on the PC back to factory settings. So, you would have to re-install any printers & drivers from scratch after running that.  I haven't used the "Full" fixit before because I haven't needed it, but I did use the previous tool like it for Windows XP called "CleanSPL" which did pretty much the same thing.


swigg1Author Commented:
Looks like that did the trick! I went ahead and did the lite version and it seems to be working fine now I will monitor the PC for a few days to make sure that it works. Thanks!!!
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