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2008 Visual Basic Printing Question

Our company needed a program to print checks, nothing fancy, just something to enter the basic info, put a check in the printer and click the button.  I built a program using 2008 VB.  Info is entered on one form and then organized on a second print form that uses the default printer and the Printer Powerpack.  I tested it on 3 or 4 different computers and a couple of terminal servers after I published.  Worked great and lined up perfectly with the pre-printed checks.  I rolled it out to the users and it works for about half of them, the others the info lines are all over the place.  Did I miss a setting on my print form?  any info appreciated.
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Are you printing on different printers?
The cause maybe the varying printer Default Fonts.

You  should check the available Printer fonts and explicitly set the printer font and font size somehow like that...

For i=0 To Printer.FontCount - 1

 If Printer.Fonts(i) Like "Arial*" Then

 Printer.FontName = Printer.Fonts(i)

Printer.FontSize = 10

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