Need Low Profile Video Card for Dell Optiplex 755

computerlarry used Ask the Experts™
OptiPlex 755 Series (Desktop Mini-Tower and Small Form Factor)  Windows 7

User just needs a second screen for word processing and web.  Looking at the back, there appear to be three short PCI slots (Low Profile)

I'm assuming that one of them is a plain PCI slot. I've seen inexpensive video cards.

Can someone recommend a card that would work?

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I used Speccy to get information about the slot
Slot PCI
      Slot Type      PCI
      Slot Usage      Available
      Bus Width      32 bit
      Slot Designation      SLOT2
      Characteristics      5V, 3.3V, PME
      Slot Number      1
I ran a Google search and found this spec pamphlet on the OptiPlex 755, including your Small Form Factor model.

I appreciate that you ran Speccy and pulled the specs for the PCI Slot. But, I believe that you also have a PCI Express x16 Slot available, as your current video is on the motherboard.
If so, I would highly recommend that you get a PCI Express video card, rather than the deprecated PCI.

For a nice card that is excellent for basic performance and doesn't cost much, I would recommend the nVidia GeForce GT 720.

It is a low-profile card that should fit in the OptiPlex 755 SFF and allow your user to do exactly what they want.
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Danny ChildIT Manager
We had a similar issue, and  you can get a PCI riser card that replaces the removable section of the rear chassis, and lets you fit full-height cards "sideways" - Dell HX727 G5459 
Takes 5 seconds to fit - tool-less.

OK, it's one more part to buy, but if you have current cards going spare, it'll be cheaper than buying new low-profile ones, dealing with new drivers, etc...
That adapter that DanCh99 shows is neat.

But, I think a detail that is being overlooked is the fact that if the OptiPlex 755 Small Form Factor has not had a video card installed (which is what computerlarry reports), the current video output is coming from the video adapter that is integrated in the motherboard.

So, there is not currently a discrete video card in this OptiPlex 755 SFF.


Experts-Exchange at its best.  Great replies!

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