Programmatically print Microsoft Project Timeline

I'm working with a timeline view in Microsoft project.  I need to have a command line or batch capability to print the image of the timeline into a file that can be run as a scheduled task.  Is there a command line way to tell project to export the timeline as image with anyone having to interact with?
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PortletPaulEE Topic AdvisorCommented:
when you say "timeline" do you mean the Gantt View or something else (e.g. a report)
is there a sequence of on-screen commands that you would follow to do this?
(have you tried recording this as a macro?)

what type of file? e.g. PDF

is this scheduled task run on just one project file, with a constant filename, in the same location
or is this for multiple files and/or in multiple locations?
on one workstation or more than one?

which scheduler are you referring to?

What versions of: MSP? Windows? Is Project Server involved at all?

While I can't write the magic for you, I can suggest you haven't provided sufficient information.

I believe what you are asking for MIGHT be possible (e.g. printing a report to a pdf file) through POWERSHELL or VBA but the person preparing that magic needs to know more about the requirements and environment.
HyperBPPAuthor Commented:
Project Professional 2013 on WIndows.  No Server.  Any file type would work: PDF, GIF, JPG.  Scheduled task with everything constant.  I'm just interested in the call to copy the timeline image.  Not worried about the scheduler as much as the command to print the image.  Specifically would like the Timeline chart.  Sorry for the lack of clarity before... I'm thinking this might be better executed in and then have a scheduled execution of a module.

HyperBPPAuthor Commented:
Here's the macro that I would like to replicate:

 Sub SaveTimeline()
 ' Macro SaveTimeline
 ' Macro Recorded Fri 3/13/15 by Talbott, Taylor W..
     TimelineExport ExportWidth:=600
 End Sub

I need to do the "TimelineExport" and width of this portion.  This question has morphed into this question:
HyperBPPAuthor Commented:
Dim myApp As New Microsoft.Office.Interop.MSProject.Application

         Dim myProj As Microsoft.Office.Interop.MSProject.Project


         myApp.Visible = False

         myProj = myApp.ActiveProject


         myApp.TimelineExport(False, 940)

         Dim oDataObj As System.Windows.Forms.IDataObject

         oDataObj = System.Windows.Forms.Clipboard.GetDataObject()

         Dim oImgObj As System.Drawing.Image = oDataObj.GetData(System.Windows.Forms.DataFormats.Bitmap, True)
         oImgObj.Save("C:\Users\ttalbott\Documents\Qlik\Sense\Content\Default\testing.jpg", System.Drawing.Imaging.ImageFormat.Jpeg)

         myApp = Nothing

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HyperBPPAuthor Commented:
Discovered solution on own.  Was not provided by commenters
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