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where are my "INDENT" and "OUTDENT" buttons

I cannot seem to find or enable my indent and outdent buttons in VB.NET AND VISUAL STUDIO 2012?
I cannot even find the buttons at all, are they no longer available???
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Mike Eghtebas
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I cannot find the data I'm looking for in your document there, and maybe was not making myself clear, but what I meant are the buttons that indent and outdent the code in the editor of the visual basic "visual studio 2012" development window.
My bad, sorry. These buttons are included with standard toolbar.

Is yours made to show up? If not then use:  Tools | Customize | Toolbar Standard
I don't see anything about the indent and outdent buttons anywhere!!!???
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finally got it - needed  to check the TEXT EDITOR and the find the Add and Remove Items - or whatever and then they were grayed out but I found earlier that you have to change that setting elsewhere.
oops ! selected the wrong answer

should have been
"ChloesDad2015-03-12 at 15:38:41ID: 40662266"????