Unicode string[DT_WSTR] to numeric[DT_NUMERIC] results in 0

Hi, I have a Derived Column that transfers a 'number' in a unicode string[DT_WSTR] data type to a Data conversion task the input column value is .0786 and I am converting to a numeric[DT_NUMERIC] data type after the Data Conversion task I can see in my data viewer that the input value has remained at .0786; however, the output from the data conversion to a numeric data type has outputted as 0
I'm not sure how to troubleshoot this or what would be causing this? Any help is appreciated.
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What is the defined length of the nvarchar column? If it isn't specified that may be the problem.
or, when casting/converting to numeric what (width,dec-places) are you using?

when you judge that the result is 0 are you sure that hasn't just been rounded?

declare @DT_WSTR nvarchar(8) = N'.0786'

select @DT_WSTR , cast(@DT_WSTR as numeric(8,4)) , cast(@DT_WSTR as decimal(8,4))

| .0786 | 0.0786 | 0.0786 |

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Scarlett72Author Commented:
Hi PortletPaul, the length is blank, and I can't modify that, the precision is 18 and the scale is 0.  How can I modify these values?  {have attached screenshot}
try changing scale to 4 (I don't use SSIS, so no guarantee)

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Jim HornMicrosoft SQL Server Developer, Architect, and AuthorCommented:
Paul is correct.  Scale of 0 = no numbers after the decimal.
Scarlett72Author Commented:
I was confused thinking I had to modify the 'length' column, and couldn't.  ~Thank you,
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