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Sync with onedrive for business ,Google drive or Dropbox

defrey asked
I have been using onedrive for business & experiencing all sorts of different issues.
The sync constantly break & despite having all files already sync & get a red cross.
Some files according to onedrive are corrupted, I sometimes change the file name & then it syncs.
Some files (under 1MB) can be syncing for days. Files get duplicated.

Last week,  I did a full re-install of ondrive, clear the cache etc...

The sync only work for 2 days before showing a red cross all the directories.
They are no clear explanations of why this is  happening, unless there is a invalid character, onedrive is able to point you to the right direction to correct the issue.

Right, it will now take me some times to convince me that one drive is a bulletproof product.

As anyone experienced similar issue with Google drive or dropbox?

What are your recommendations?
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Never an issue with Google Drive - Been using it for more than a year now.