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Multiple remote users to server 2008

I am trying to get multiples users to connect to windows server 2008 r2 desktop. I only get 2 users allowed if the 3rd one tries then I have to log out one user. So a maximum of only 2 users are allowed currently. I have done the registry change.

Can you please tell me how to achieve this or also is there any alternative software that I can use to achieve this.
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I did some registry hack and it was working for a year but sumthng went wrong and it stopped working.  There should b another way to achieve this. I saw a web site to do that but I cannot find it now.
What VB_ITS told you is the only legal way to do it. Any other method (hacking the registry) is outside of the terms of service of Microsoft and this site. There are alternatives to RDP i.e. teamviewer (free for personal non commercial use)
Can teamviewer allow multiple connections to a single computer server 2008
yes that is why it is called "TEAMviewer"
I want to allow something like different desktops per user, as I want them to use a software remotely from their branch without interfering with each other.

That's called a remote desktop server. You need to install the role and buy RDS CALs, as has already been said multiple times now. There is *no* other legal way to do this and EE policy won't allow discussing illegal options.
Ok, thank you for the assistant.
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