@font-face fonts not showing up

Curiously, I had @font-face working for a while then suddenly it's not.


All the headers should be in a Vintage font. I'm using a pexeto theme and I added the @font-face to the "Additional Styles" section so they styles are in the head of the document as well as the stylesheet.

Can anyone see why the fonts are no longer showing up?

Alicia St RoseOwner & Principle Developer/DesignerAsked:
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David S.Commented:
You're using the same path for both places, but it's a relative path, so it's correct from the external stylesheet but not the embedded one.

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Alicia St RoseOwner & Principle Developer/DesignerAuthor Commented:
So I need to use direct URL in the embedded.
Alicia St RoseOwner & Principle Developer/DesignerAuthor Commented:
I got rid of the embed styles and just relied on stylesheet and it works. But, if the theme is updated that will disappear. How would I wrangle this as an embed?
David S.Commented:
You don't have to use the full URL. You can use a web-root relative URL instead. It starts with a slash: "/wp-content/themes/story/webfonts/2DA015_0_0.eot"
Alicia St RoseOwner & Principle Developer/DesignerAuthor Commented:
Okay, gave this a shot, but it didn't work. Only because I think I forgot the slash!!

No access back to the site at the moment, we just left it in theme's CSS and will plop it back in when the theme updates.

I'm going to try it out on a test site. But since you're always giving the right solution, I feel like just giving you the points straight away!
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