SBS 2008 low disk space is it safe to remove DataServiceComponents.log file also shadow copies on c drive is this safe to disable?

We have an SBS 2008 server that is serving 30 users in live production environment

the server c partition is getting low on disc space the d: data partitio has 300gb free

Also it is worth noting that we have a dfsroot on the D: data partition and a dfs service in place which syncs this folder to another offsite server if this is relevant??

The DataServiceComponents.log file is 8gb - is this safe to delete? If so has anyone else done this? Also what does it actually do? I have seen some sites recommend to compress this first? what do they mean by this just purely to zip it?

Shadow copies is also using 5gb of space on the c :drive - is this safe to disable? All shared data is on the d : partition (so I would look to leave shadow copies turned on - on the data partition)

Please advise

thank you
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noxchoGlobal Support CoordinatorCommented:
It is safe to delete this log. Here is an article which tells how to delete it:
Note, you need first to stop Windows SBS Manager Service. Then delete the log and start again the service. It will recreate the log automatically.

As for the shadow copies, yes, you can delete them as well via system settings. And they will be recreated as well if you keep this show copy taking on.
If you use some backup tool then you do not need shadow copies enabled.
David AtkinTechnical DirectorCommented:

Rather than delete the log I would suggest moving it to the D: Drive.  I doubt you will need it but you never know.

The link provided by noxcho is very good.  I would start with the move data wizards in the SBS Console at first.  You may not need to delete anything at the moment.
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