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Windows 8.1 Wireless with Realtek RTL8188CU USB wireless

I have two routers:
WRT54GL with standard Linksys firmware on 2.4GHz channel 9
Belkin Play Max / N600 HD F7D4301/F7D8301) v1 on 2.4GHz channel 2 (plus it has 5GHz active)
Using WPA2-Personal on both.

Both the routers seem to be working fine and I'm able to connect devices to them.

Except, a Windows 8.1 desktop with a Realtek RTL8188CU USB wireless interface:
WILL connect to the Linksys router wireless just fine
but it won't connect to the Belkin router wireless at all.
The passphrases are different but, as above, I can connect other devices to the Belkin wireless.

The Windows 8.1 "Set up a new connection or network"  / "Set up a new network" is supposed to show a list of wireless routers but it shows NOTHING even after giving it some time to populate the list (90 seconds is recommended).
So, it doesn't even show the one that works!

The purpose of the wireless interface is to test wireless routers.  This isn't a good situation.
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My built-in Intel Wi-Fi card in my X230 Windows 8.1 laptop. works with any modern Wi-Fi router I have tried (Lots), so this is not a Windows 8.1 issue.

It is reasonably possible that that your USB card is not compatible with the Belkin router. That has happened before and is likely the reason here. Try a different USB wireless adapter.


John:  Thanks!  That was it it seems...
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)
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Thanks Fred and I was happy to help.