Message at Windows startup - Failed to create process

I am getting a dialog box appearing at XP OS startup with the title
and the message
Failed to create process (C:\DOCUME~\APH\LOCALS~1\ocr3.tmp\bin\rubyw.exe): 32

If I acknowledge this it disappears and start up continues normally. I suspect this message is occurring because I uninstalled a utility program
BCL easyConverter Desktop which was a PDF to Word Converter

I used Control Panel for the uninstall of this particular piece of trial software and it appeared to have been removed OK.
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aphukAuthor Commented:
Final solution here was to reinstall a previous image to get rid of this problem. Drastic I know but there appeared to be no other solution. Luckily I keep a 'vanilla' image for exactly this kind of problem :)
Dr. KlahnPrincipal Software EngineerCommented:
It appears that the uninstall process either did not complete, or completed incorrectly, and left this remnant in the system startups.

You might try downloading the Microsoft Autoruns tool to see if Autoruns can locate the entry causing the non-existent program to run.  It will probably be on the Logon tab; if not there, look under the Everything tab.

If Autoruns can find the offending entry, uncheck that item to disable it.

To prevent this from happening again, you might investigate the freeware version of Revo Uninstaller.  Revo does a much better job of removing software and all the "stuff" that is overlooked during the software manufacturer's deinstallation.
reinstall the program
then install revouninstaller - and run that; it does a better job
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aphukAuthor Commented:
@Dr Klahn.  MS Autorun cannot detect any sign of rubyw.exe under the Everything tab

@nobus.  Latest discovery is it is not BCL easyConverter Desktop which is the cause of this problem it is actually a VPN called PrivateInternetAccess aka PIA. I found this !!!
seems that the issue is to do with the virus scanner taking a dislike to rubyw.exe but still does not rid me of my problem. Having removed PIA (using revouninstaller ) I am still getting the message
Failed to create process (C:\DOCUME~\APH\LOCALS~1\ocr3.tmp\bin\rubyw.exe): 32
on every start ..... aaaargh!!
ok - glad it's running
Don't forget to close this
aphukAuthor Commented:
Accepting that nobus and DrKlahn provided some guidance as to how to discover the problem there was no clear directive as to how to remove it. On that basis I had no choice but to re-install a full system in order to eliminate it. My Internet research turned up the cause and therefore i feel that I provided my own solution.
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