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Remote Server unable to login

So I have a Windows 2003 server running as a domain controller and a Windows Server 2008 as a member server setup to act as a terminal server.

This has worked fine for a good few years but all of a sudden I cant login to the 2008 server remotely, it just says the username and password are incorrect. This happens for all the remote users.

Soon as I try to connect internally it works fine?

I have rebooted both servers along with the router but cant see why this would happen.

Any ideas would be great.

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>> ...all of a sudden I cant login to the 2008 server remotely
I wonder if this is due to a recent Windows Update.

Here's a seemingly related post which just appeared:

Do you know if updates were recently installed?
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Yes got a feeling some updates were installed recently.

I will have a check.


I have the same issue, a customer has a server 2003 domain controller with a 2012 server (remote desktop services). Everything work fine till last week, customers can't login. credentials error. Do you know what is wrong ??

Thanks !
No still haven't worked it out yet but it causing me a big problem.

Had your server done any updates at all?
I have reinstalled the server with 2008 and 2012 today, I do not have all updates installed.
I expect it is a problem between domain controller (server 2003) and remote desktop server (2012/2008)
Do you try this :

For me it is not working !
Will give that ago but not sure that will be it as it's been working fine for a good few years until the end of last week.

The only thing that seems to have changed is automatic updates.
Let me know when you have the solution.
I remove all updates from March and our customer can log in. Case closed !
Thanks for the update, Jacobs-IT...
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Perfect worked a treat thanks.
Just for reference I had to remove these two updates from both my 2008 RDP server and my 2003 DC.

Thanks again.
Thanks, Red. Glad you got that cleared out. Have a nice day.