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Replace Windows Server 2003 with Windows Server 2012 R2

Hello all,
I have done this many times with going to 2012 but going to 2012R2 caused an issue that I don't know how to fix.
This is for a client that has one file server that is 2003 and needs to be replaced.
The steps that I take are:
 1)  Install 2012server
 2)  Add ADS Role on 2012
 3)  Copy files and folders from 2003 to 2012 server
 4)  Transfer FSMO roles
 5)  Shutdown 2003 server
 6)  Run metadata cleanup
 7)  Change IP address on 2012 server to what 2003 server was
 8)  Rename 2012 server to same name as 2003 server
 9)  Setup shares on folders for 2012 server

The issue is that when I went to rename the 2012 server to same name as 2003 server it said that it could not do that and then told me I had to reboot.
After reboot I had on the new server the name of the new server but it would not be recognized by that name.  Instead it is recognized by the old name.
I put the old 2003 server in place and seized the FSMO roles back.  Removed the temporary 2012 server name from AD and DNS.  All is working fine on the old server.
I completely removed everything from the new 2012 R2 server (AD DS, DNS, demoted the file server) then I put a different IP address and gave it a completely new name.
I redid steps 1 and 2 and both the server see each other.
DNS is working.  I checked it by adding a new user on the old server under AD Users and Computers, found it 5 minutes later on the new server AD Users and Computers, deleted it from the new server and it was deleted from the old server 5 minutes later.
My question is when I get to the step to rename the new server to the old server's name, is there a special way that I am supposed to do this?
Kelly W.
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Has DNS had time to clear up?  The client end might be using cached settings to the former IP of the new server and not the reconfigured one.  The steps you are doing look good.  I've done similar migrations without issue.
After hours would be the best to do this.
Do the steps you are doing up to the rename and reboot.

Then on the new DC, go to the DNS server and clear the cache.
Then on the DC itself, do an ipconfig /flushdns
Then on the client, do an ipconfig /flushdns

Then give it a try.
Do you only have 1 DC?  I didn't see a step where you delete the other computer account.  It likely won' let you since it is a DC.  you don't really need to do a metadata cleanup.
What you need to do is the steps where you add the new server, then dcpromo down the old server.  Then reboot shut it down then remove that computer account.
Then do the rename and re-ip
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Sorry I did not make myself clear
Yes it is 1 DC.
I actually did the computer deletion on step 6 of running the metadata cleanup.
The issue is when I tried to change the name of the 2012 server it states that it cannot change the name of a domain controller.
I have never seen this when replacing out servers that are domain controllers.
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No, I will explore the DNS cache.
I am going to go back into the client's early tomorrow morning.
Had to get them up and going on their old server so they could work today.
It's weird that it told you that you couldn't rename it and then it did it anyway.  Normally I would probably blame your issues on replication delays, but you only have 1 DC.

How much time passed between the rename, the reboot and when the clients couldn't reference the machine?
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Between the rename and reboot was about 2 minutes
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Okay that didn't work.
I am going to do the following:
1)  Put in a temporary file server to hold ADS and DNS
2)  On new server add ADS Role on 2012
3)  Transfer FSMO roles, I assume that this will be to the new server.
4)  Decommission the original server being replaced.  Now when I decommission the original server that is being replaced do I have to do a metadata cleanup or is that done by the decommissioning?
5)  Change IP address on 2012 server to what 2003 server was
6)    Rename 2012 server to same name as 2003 server

Now should I wait for some time between 3, 4, 5, and 6?  If so how long.
This should work correct?
Kelly W.
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Hello Patrick,
As I stated I setup a temporary server and everything worked great.
Thank you for your help.
Kelly W.
Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner.  I just got back today.

Glad you had a successful migration.  

In step 4, did you the metadata cleanup?  I'm suspecting you had to if you didn't dcpromo down your old server and remove it from the domain.
Do you have any other lingering issues, or are you good?
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Nope, I am good.