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Which of the sugar substitutes, xylitol, sorbitol, aspartarme, stevia is best tolerated?

sunhux asked
I tend to take mints to keep my throat comfortable & give me comfort while at work.

However, I don't like too much sugar as I'll get migraine (& my dad is a diabetic), so
I thought sugar-free mints like Ricola (use xylitol?) or Eclipse (use sorbitol) will be
good choices but I noted I'll get diarrhoe if I take about 15pcs or more per day.

What's the sweetener used in Fisherman Friends mints?

Between xylitol, sorbitol, aspartame & any other sugar substitutes, which are
best tolerated & has least side effects?  Some studies indicate xylitol.
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Sorry, in MyHO all substitutes are Chemicals which have more reaching bad effects than Sugar.  I tend to avoid sugar substitutes.  Water to sooth your throat would be a better choice.  :)
Brandon LyonWeb Developer/Designer
I'm in the vast minority but stevia gives me really bad headaches. Xylitol has the added benefit of preventing bacteria from sticking to teeth. You'll see it in sugar-free gums and toothpastes for that reason. There are studies indicating aspartame is not the best for health. I haven't tried sorbitol that I know of.

re: pjam. Xylitol and stevia are both natural plant extracts.
A couple of the ones you mention are alcohol based sugars. These are sorbitol and xylitol. If you get too much of these types of sugars they are related to gastrointestinal side effects. Which in your case may be the occasional diarrhea you experience.
You mention 15 mints a day. This seems like a lot depending on why you take so many.
Aspartame due to its compound structure can be a factor for diabetics. My sibling and one parent are diabetics. That sugar substitute can cause weight gain and insulin sensitive issues. Read about that here.


Sugar is out for me as I'll get migraine/bad headaches & I don't hv good dental health.

I take so many xylitol mints to reduce my appetite cravings & in a way it reduces my
frustrations while at work to chew on something


The link below said Eclipse (which uses Sorbitol) helps with weight loss:
Hmm, maybe it's sponsored by Eclipse

Yes that link you found is informative as it relates to weight loss.