jquery changes event for a table


I have a table with id #table1

I need that when the table changes (i use other code to do that) then runs some code, something like:


alert ("test")

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any idea?
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Tom BeckCommented:
Use the other code that changes the table to run additional code on completion.
joyacv2Author Commented:
my problem is the following,

my code add a row of three columns, then in the third cell i add a function that runs when the user click that cell. i try to use td.click, but if i include in that, the code runs more than once, so i decided to apply alone when the table changes
joyacv2Author Commented:
this is the code that .eliminar runs more than on time and not for each td individually

				var	str = $(this).html();
				var esDolar = str.search("\\$");
				if (esDolar == -1){
				var colIndex = parseInt($(this).index());
				var table = $(this).closest('table');
				var res = str.replace("$", "");
				$("#lista_articulos").append("<tr><td>"+$("tr:eq(0) td:eq("+colIndex+")",table).text()+" - "+$(this).parent().children(0).html()+"</td><td>"+$(this).html()+'</td><td><span class="eliminar">X</span></td><tr>')
					var	str = $(this).parent().prev().text();
					var res = str.replace("$", "");

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Tom BeckCommented:
Okay, let me take a look.
Tom BeckCommented:
Why are the two click event handlers nested one inside the another? You need to separate them.
joyacv2Author Commented:
This is the part that don't understand why don't work

for example create a document.ready that apply a code over all td, but if I add another td later, then the new one don't runs the code, this is because document.ready already ran, but i need to apply the same code to every td that is create after, also, as you mention i don't know to make this work without separating
Tom BeckCommented:
The $("td").click() handles clicks of every td.

The $(".eliminator").click() handles clicks on the span inside the td.

When you click on the tds you are clicking both the td and the span inside so both handlers will fire once for each single click.

You don't need the second event handler. Just set up the td click event handler to handle both static< td>s as well as dynamically created <td>s like this:
$("body").on('click', 'td', function(){

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joyacv2Author Commented:
ok, let me try
joyacv2Author Commented:
works, but i need only some td have this code attached that is why i try using span inside, how i modify the code that you provide to me?
Tom BeckCommented:
If you only want tds with <span class="eliminar"> to be affected then...
$("body").on('click', 'span.eliminar', function(){

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If the only reason for the span in the first place is so you can attach an event handler then you don't need it. Put the class in the td, <td class="eliminar"> and...
$("body").on('click', 'td.eliminar', function(){

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joyacv2Author Commented:
Thank You very much Tom, you solve a problem that save me a lot of problems, thanks again! Excellent answer, the body... code that you provides is applied on the document ready and after i add another tr to the table, exactly what i looking for! Works perfect!!!!
Tom BeckCommented:
You're welcome. Thanks for the points.
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