Account causing "MAPI session exceeded max # of object of type objtMessage" on Exchange 2010 server

Hi, everyone!   Starting a new thread because I can't seem to find a solution over the past years' worth of posts on this topic.  Environment is an Exchange 2010 SP3 (RU7) stand-alone server running under Win2k8 R2; client is Windows 7 Pro running Office/Outlook 2k10.

Regularly, a single user account is causing the error "MAPI session -x- exceeded the maximum number of 250 objects of type 'objtMessage'" in the Exchange logs.

First, this error is occurring regularly (ie, several times a day) for this one single account; once every blue moon well see it for another account, but this one account causes it regularly.

Second, I don't want to create the MaxObjsPerMapiSession key ( specifically for this one single user, given that I've read a couple articles on Technet indicating that high values here may cause performance issues.  Doing this for one single user in a large user base seems like a band-aid approach and not solving the problem.

Third, the physical client machine has recently been replaced and the issue is still occurring.  There are no viruses/malware on the machine in question.  

How can I track down the CAUSE of this issue?  Is there a specific metric I can watch on Exchange for this user account to get an idea for how quickly the thread counts are being consumed, or how many processes are being launched for this user?  Any diagnostic I can run against the mailbox/account?

Any productive suggestions would be appreciated, but I'm more interested in finding and resolving the cause of the problem than ramping up an error threshold (which does nothing to solve the underlying problem).

Steve BottomsSr Network AdminAsked:
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Steve BottomsSr Network AdminAuthor Commented:
Satya, thanks for replying!  I'm already looking into a possible ActiveSync issue and will look at the plugins installed on the client workstation as soon as I can get her login password.  Please note that the user is not in the office today, is not logged in, and the errors are still occurring every 30 minutes.

Unfortunately, the bulk of the suggestions in most threads (including those above) is to simple add/increase the Max thread count value "until the problem stops".  IMHO that isn't a solution, that's just masking the problem for a little while longer.  I'm interested in suggestions for locating the problem, not hiding the symptoms.

I'll move forward on the ActiveSync front when I can get the user's phone.

Any further advice and suggestions are welcome!
Steve BottomsSr Network AdminAuthor Commented:
OK, I just identified the problem and it's been resolved.

We use a Shoretel phone system here.  One of the feature of their integration with Outlook/Exchange is the sending of an email to the client when a voicemail arrives.  It appears that the Shoretel client was failing to release a handle on the created emails, causing an issue in the user's mailbox.  After uninstalling the Shoretel client her account stopped generating the MAPI errors on the Exchange server.  She wasn't getting that many mail messages, but it appears that the Shoretel client was opening/failing to tear down threads beyond what is was creating.

Thanks for listening, guys!

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Steve BottomsSr Network AdminAuthor Commented:
Solution located by OP.
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