How do I get SBS 2011 Standard to perform a backup to a different external drive each day of the week?

Have a customer with SBS 2011 Standard that is currently successfully running a backup daily to an external drive. The same drive is being used each day and is never removed from the system. The customer would like to have a different drive to backup to each day of the week, M-F requiring 5 external drives but using them 1 at a time in rotation.
The Backup Wizard currently shows 1 active drive and 2 inactive drives from a previous configuration. We have discovered that we can't remove the inactive drives from the configuration and also can't add any drives to the configuration.  Is there a proven process for correcting the current backup configuration to allow us to create a daily backup each day to a different external drive?
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Larry Struckmeyer MVPCommented:
The wizard is "smart" enough to know that it can prepare a new disk while leaving the existing disk as it was.  There is no limit afaik.  You can unplug one and plug in another at any time... the backups are incremental so each disk will have everything... although if you create a new file backup to disk1, delete that file then backup to disk2 you would need disk1 to restore it.

Here are some references:
if you leave the First backup disk you configure connected, and then also connect "disk2" you can add the destination drive in the normal manner. Remove "Disk2" and connect "disk3" and add that destination. All the while leaving "disk1" connected.
justhewlAuthor Commented:
Thanks to all.  This information put us on the right track.
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