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Skype 7.2 Locks Up Windows 7

A customer was successfully using Skype, but the latest version locks up as soon as we try to do anything.  In fact, the entire computer locks up and we have to cycle power to the machine to regain control.

 I have used Revo Uninstaller to uninstall Skype and downloaded and installed a new copy, updated Windows 7, updated the AMD Radeon driver, turned everything unnecessary off in the system configuration utility, disconnected the webcam, uninstalled the webcam software, run Superantispyware, and created a new user profile.  Nothing has helped except that in the new user profile the computer itself does not crash, but the Skype process can't be killed in Task Manager.

 We are having trouble finding an older version of Skype to install.

 What do I have to  do to make Skype behave?
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rhavey --
If you can run a System Restore, do so to a time before you installed v 7.2.  System Restore can be reached several ways.  One is when you reboot using a startup disk.
I just put Skype on both my Windows 7 and my Windows 8 machines. It does not crash either machine, does not cause any errors, and is easily quit.

Make sure the Skype Add-ins in Internet Explorer are disabled. This may help.
Skype 7.1 is listed in this Skype (Microsoft) support post below. It is about a far back as you can go as Microsoft is starting to support only the newest version.
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There are many places you can download earlier versions.

Have you installed latest version of internet explorer and run windows updates?
A day or so later, Skype continues to work well on Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Nothing has helped except that in the new user profile the computer itself does not crash, but the Skype process can't be killed in Task Manager.

Try SFC. Open cmd.exe with Run as Administrator and run SFC /SCANNOW. Allow to complete, restart and test. I do not think this will fix your issue, but it is worth a try.

Next is Windows 7 Repair Install. You need a working recovery partition or the Windows 7 DVD. Here is a Seven Forums tutorial to assist you.
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I did a complete update of Windows 7 and IE 11.  And, I ran SFC.  SFC reported that some repairs had been made, but the results with Skype did not change.

I also have Skype running on my Windows 8.1machine and I have Skype running on several customer machines with no problem. Researching on the Internet, I found several folks with this problem from version 6 on, and there wasn't any real good solution.

I was supposed to connect with this customer on Monday, but I will try tomorrow because I have a couple of customers dead in the water to deal with on Monday.  When I catch up with him, I will attempt a System Restore, though I don't know what good it will do since I did a Revo complete uninstall.

The link to version 7.1 appears to be dead.

I am always a little leery of downloading from 3rd party sites, even the best  of them seem to be pushing a lot of trashware lately, but if that's what I am left with, I suppose I have to do it.
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I have tried everything but the repair installation.  When I pressed the customer a little, I was told that someone had done him a "favor" and installed a bootleg version of Windows 7.  I don't do bootleg  versions myself and I certainly would not be comfortable doing a repair install under these circumstances.  I told him to get whoever did the installation to fix it.

I am also looking into the best way to bring his computer to a "genuine" state.
@rhavey  - Thanks for the update and I was happy to help.