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Polycom VSX 7000s softupdate not updating

In short, we need to upgrade the Polycom VSX 7000s software from ver 8.5 to the latest 9.0.
When we launch the Softupdate exe program (on the pc side), the updating process goes to 97% completion then loses connection to the VSX 7000s unit.  The Softupdate tries 3 times without success and gives an error message - "Could not reconnect to system. Please make sure system is operational".  On the VSX7000s screen, update screen shows no advancement of the progress bar and eventually gives a time out error and the whole system reboots.

Im using a laptop on the same network switch box that the VSX7000s is connected so I can't imagine why there would be any connectivity problem.

Has anyone come across this problem and knows any work around?
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Naoya Nishimura

8/22/2022 - Mon

Rings a vague bell from updating other IP phones. In our case, I think it was setting the gateway address to that allowed it to work.
Naoya Nishimura

I did a factory reset to default as well as upgrading in small revision steps all without success.  I was able to do some debugging and initially the unit handshakes fine and goes through several rounds file transfers.  At the point where the newer files then start executing, the connection gets lost and never recovers hence completion says 97% complete but never finishes.

Main campus is shipping an old micpod to us that doesn't require the softupdate.  I'll be able to check if its truly a micpod problem or if there is something more going on the main circuit board.

Naoya Nishimura

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Naoya Nishimura

Softupdate bug still exists.  No fix found for workaround at this point for updating to 9.0 on the VSX7000 which the new micpod with rev E needs to work.  Took alternative fix by finding old rev 2 working micpod.
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