why my computer does not seem to recognize my new video card?

Hi experts,

I got a problem with xfx R7 260X graphic card. The card is from best buy with 2GB DDR5. I have it installed, have power supply on, 2 fans running.

However, there is no output from this card. There are three different kind of output. I tried them all, displayport, hdmi, dvi. My screen is always black not matter whichever output I used.

I also uninstalled previous Nvidia drivers for my previous Gforce graphic card.

What could be wrong? Could it be the motherboard does not recognize it. Not even recognize it as generic VGA output?

My computer is Lenovo ideacentre K330B.

Please help.

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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Can you install the old card and does it work?  If so, the new card may not be compatible.

I suggest checking the BIOS and Chipset Drivers for your machine. Old drivers (either one or both) could prevent the card from installing properly. So check these drivers to see.

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ResourcefulDBAuthor Commented:
my old card is Gforce and it worked well. it was two screens. I get this new card trying to get to 3 screens.

how do we check BIOS if the computer does not even recognize the new card as generic VGA? there is simply not output at all, the screen is black and I cannot see anything, no BIOS.
Daniel FoyeCommented:
You are going to need to get a 500 Watt or greater Power Supply to be able to connect the external 6-pin power connector from your power supply  to the R7 260X.

Your Lenovo only has a 280 Watt PSU. So, that is why your new video card isn't working, even if you did connect the external 6-pin power connector (assuming your Lenovo even has one).

Your power supply is too weak to supply the power needed for that video card. Your old card doesn't require nearly the same power, so it works.
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Daniel FoyeCommented:
Straight from the BestBuy website:


Minimum System Requirements
PCI Express-based PC; 1GB RAM; 500W power supply; external 6-pin power connector
Daniel FoyeCommented:
From the Newegg Specs on your Lenovo:


Learn more about the Lenovo K330B (77471QU)
General Spec
    K330B (77471QU)
Quick Info
    Student/Home office
    Intel Core i5-2310 2.90GHz
Processor Main Features
    64 bit Quad-Core Processor
Cache Per Processor
    6MB L3 Cache
    8GB DDR3 1333MHz
Hard Drive
    1.5TB 7200RPM
Optical Drive
    DVD±RW Drive
    AMD Radeon HD 6450 (1 GB)
    Sound card - Integrated
    Gigabit Ethernet
Power Supply
ResourcefulDBAuthor Commented:
ok, i forgot to mention, My power supply is seasonic 520. I have the original psu from lenovo changed a long time ago.
ResourcefulDBAuthor Commented:
and I did went through some trouble to get the 6 pin connection. And both fans from the graphic care are running when I turn the computer on. So, I assume the seasonic 520 have enough power for the card.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
So if you have enough power and the machine does not show at all, you need to put the old card back in and check the BIOS and Chipset at the Lenovo Support Site using your 7 digit model number. BIOS updates come fairly regularly and it will be an EXE file that you run in place.

Is there a VGA output and can you attach an external monitor and does that work to help to update the BIOS?  

The card may not be compatible but let us at least try BIOS and Chipset if we can.
ResourcefulDBAuthor Commented:
@John, Thanks,

how do we check BIOS and chipset? are BIOS and chipset associated with motherboard? where do we find 7 digit model number? is this number from lenovo motherboard or from the graphic card?

this lenovo model has a build-in graphic card, so I do not need to plug in the Gforce and install nvidia driver for now to have it connect to a monitor.

If this graphic card is not compatible with lenovo motherboard, it will be very disappointing that lenovo make itself so narrowly compatible to other components. this lenovo model is fairly recent, about 3 years only.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
The seven digit model number should be on a sticker on the case somewhere. Lenovo makes it relatively easy to find.

Put the model number in the space on the right in the link below.


The driver page should come up. Look for BIOS and Chipset both.

Lenovo makes a wide range of accessories for their machines and if you purchased the card from Lenovo, you can call their support number. If it is a non-Lenovo part, then it is hard to say.
Daniel FoyeCommented:
I wouldn't say that the fans being on means you have sufficient power. That just means you have sufficient power for the fans. That isn't saying much.

If you look up the specific power output on the 12 Volt 6-pin connector of your Seasonic PSU, and compare that to the specific power requirement of the R7 260X via the connector, you can better determine if your system is indeed providing sufficient power for the card.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
The new power supply is 520 Watts. Should that not be enough?
Daniel FoyeCommented:
520 Watts is awfully close to 500 Watts, which is the minimum requirement specified.

A Power Supply is rated for a certain wattage based on a sum of the watts (volts times amps) that each voltage requirement is capable of producing.  For example, let's compare two PSU's made by the same manufacturer and both rated for 350 total watts:
Source: Antec Power Supply Comparison Table -- http://www.antec.com/pdf/PSU_comparisontable.pdf

(for 12 volts loads)
BP350: 23 Amps total / 276 W
VP350: 28 Amps total / 336 W

There is a number that RDB's video card requires for Current (amps) at the 12volt connector.
There is a number that his specific Seasonic 520 Watt PSU is capable of producing for ALL 12 volt loads.

The sum of the 12 volt loads in his entire system, or even on the same lead out of the power supply, must be lower than what the PSU is capable of reliably producing, or he will have problems (like a black screen when he installs a new high-end gaming video card, for example).
Daniel FoyeCommented:
ResourcefulDBAuthor Commented:
i checked again, it is actually seasonic 620. still does not mean it got enough power.

the graphic card need 75w minimum for itself.

How do we find out which port give out how much power?
ResourcefulDBAuthor Commented:
here is the link for my psu. so can we tell if 6 pin got more than 75w from here?

ResourcefulDBAuthor Commented:
@ John,

I went to the link and put in the model number. I see a list of installation documents. There was not chipset in the list. BIOS is there and it is shown that "bios update is not required for this product".

so, what else can we check?
Daniel FoyeCommented:
That is very helpful.

I would think that the Seasonic 620 is capable of supplying enough power in this case.

I am beginning to entertain the idea that your video card has a problem out-of-the-box.

I would like to confirm that the computer works fine with the integrated GPU and with the GeForce GPU. Also, I just want to be sure that you connected the 6-pin connector correctly (although I am not really sure how it could be done wrong).

Maybe you can recheck everything, and if it still doesn't work, take it back to BestBuy. Their GeekSquad should test it or allow you to exchange it.
Daniel FoyeCommented:
Do you have a friend or relative who has a computer that you could try the new R7 video card in?

We could verify it is the video card itself that is the problem if it didn't work in another system. That way you don't have to be at the mercy of the BB people if you take it back.
ResourcefulDBAuthor Commented:
yea, i think the graphic card could be wrong too. although it never happened before.

another thing I notice that is, when I have new graphic card powered, when I try to use new graphic card's output there is black screen , then I unplug the monitor from the new graphic card and plug it to the build-in VGA port, the monitor does not have signal too.

so, it seems that when the new graphic card is powered on, the computer does not even send signal through its build-in VGA port.

There is another thing. Whenever I restart the computer, there is a beep when windows start. However, if I have this new graphic card powered on, I never hear a beep. Somehow, whenever this new graphic card is powered on, it change certain things.

Yes, the computer work fine with integrated GPU for sure. I have to unplug the 6-pin power from the new graphic card to make my computer go back to the integrated GPU. The GeForce GPU always works. It worked right before I changed to this new one.
ResourcefulDBAuthor Commented:
yes, I was thinking to try this card on another computer. the problem is that computer is old and psu is old. I will have to change the psu first.

what else can we test? what is the chance that the motherboard is not compatible?
Daniel FoyeCommented:
There is no reason that I can come up with for why the motherboard would not be compatible. And, per John's advice, you have checked that the BIOS is current.

You have been using the power supply, and we have certainly hashed out that it is capable of providing enough power, so that the PSU is at fault is not likely (but it is possible, you are right).

I have thought of a couple things to try:

1) Your PSU has two PCI-E 6-pin ports. Please try them both.

2) Reset your CMOS via the jumper on the motherboard (and/or remove the CMOS battery for a minute or so).
Daniel FoyeCommented:
One more thing:

3) IF you have two PCI-E slots on the motherboard (which I believe your Lenovo does), try both of them.
ResourcefulDBAuthor Commented:
ok, I did try both ports. now will do next.

how do we reset cmos, or where is the battery to be removed?

sorry, never do anything to cmos before.
ResourcefulDBAuthor Commented:
how do we explain that my computer do not even recognize the integrated GPU when the new graphic card is in place? the driver for the new graphic card is not even installed yet?
Daniel FoyeCommented:
We don't really explain it, other than IF the new R7 card is BAD, your computer would be trying to boot with it (R7, or whatever is in the PCI-E slot).

Drivers are not used until your Operating System boots up. No drivers are needed to just power up (how else could you ever install new hardware in a system? - you install the hardware, then the correct drivers for the hardware and OS).

(There is probably a setting in BIOS to control which video adapter is the primary one, in the case of an integrated video adapter and a discrete video card being installed in the same system. We shouldn't need to change it.)

As far as CMOS goes, it is a longshot anyway, but you should become aware of it. The easiest way is just to do a Google images search, it will show you many images of CMOS batteries on computer motherboards. I was suggesting removing the one on the motherboard for a minute, as it resets ALL BIOS options to defaults.

ResourcefulDBAuthor Commented:
ok, I tried.

took out cmos battery and placed it back. there is only one slot in motherboard for the graphic card.

still not working.

now I get another problem. the network adapter stop working after all these back and forth. I search and see that it is possible related to the cmos battery reset.

this graphic card is really a pain. now I have to use my laptop to go online and search for help to see how to fix the network adapter problem.

looks like I will have to return it to bb.
Daniel FoyeCommented:
OK, well sorry about the network adapter.

On the bright side, you are learning about your computer! You will appreciate it when it is running right and you will know how to go into BIOS and make changes.

I think it is the card that is the problem. I am reasonably confident that a different card will work.

Is it too late to recommend an nVidia GeForce GTX 750Ti instead of the Radeon?
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
bios update is not required for this product".  If the BIOS (there is one) and Chipset are up to date, then the card is bad (noted above) or not compatible.
ResourcefulDBAuthor Commented:
does nVidia GeForce GTX 750Ti support 3 screen?

the only reason I change graphic card is trying to use 3 screens and I heard that only ATI product support 3 screens at this moment.
Daniel FoyeCommented:
Actually, depending on which manufacturer's card and exact model you get, the GTX 750Ti supports up to 4 screens on its own.


Plus, you have a built-in video card, so you have that connection and adapter as well.

I personally have the PNY OC version of the 750Ti, and it has been excellent. I have owned it for almost a year.
It doesn't require ANY 6-pin power at all. (There are some versions of the 750Ti that do have 6-pin connections)
ResourcefulDBAuthor Commented:
ok, I will need 3 extended screens. Not just 3 screens with clones. It is hard to get a graphic card that will support 3+ extended screens. sometimes a graphic card got many outputs, however they are just clones.

thanks anyway.
Daniel FoyeCommented:
I am not going to argue with you, but the 750Ti does not just "clone" the displays. I don't know where you are getting that idea.

The R7 260X is a fine card, and I will not fault you for sticking with it.
Daniel FoyeCommented:

"AMD's R7 260X, however, requires one 6-pin power connector and it's also an inch (2.5 cm) longer. Lastly, the 750 Ti supports up to three displays and features one Mini-HDMI port and two Dual-Link DVI ports

The 750 Ti is a power-efficient video card that consumes a mere 60W. In contrast, AMD's R7 260X eats up almost double the wattage with its 115W TDP. Nvidia's PSU requirement for the 750 Ti is also low at just 300W, so you won't need a beefy 500W or 750W beast to power this mini GPU. That, combined with its small size, makes it an easy upgrade for a wide swath of systems
ResourcefulDBAuthor Commented:
i have several geforce cards and they got 3 ports out, when I tried to put three monitors with 3 ports and was told again and again the GPU only support 2 monitors. So, at the end, although you can plug 3 monitors with Geforce GPU, they do not extended to 3 monitors. They extend to 2 monitors and the other one can be cloned to one of first two.

if you see any Geforce card as of today can support 3 extended monitors, please let us  know.

3 ports ready does not mean it can support 3 extended displays.
Daniel FoyeCommented:
You do realize that "GeForce" is an entire line of nVidia brand graphics cards, that have been manufactured for more than a decade.

ATI has the Radeon line of graphics cards, nVidia has GeForce line of graphics cards.

"GeForce" alone is about as descriptive as saying "Ford."
Just as Ford makes everything from compact, fuel-efficient vehicles such as the Fiesta, all the way to the rare and exotic mid-engine supercar called the Ford GT, nVidia makes GeForce cards from the inexpensive and low-powered all the way to the extremely expensive and very high-powered.

Take a gander at GTX 980 if you want to see the higher end of the GeForce line.
Daniel FoyeCommented:
And I realize that the number of ports does not always equate to the number of displays that a video card can drive. You had low-end GeForce cards, so you experienced what you did.

I linked you to the specifications page and showed you a quote from an article supporting what I claimed to be true about the 750Ti. What I claimed to be true, is true.

It is your decision, it is your money, and it really is of no difference to me what you decide to do. I am simply trying to help you make an informed decision.
Daniel FoyeCommented:
Were you able to get the R7 260X video card to work in your Lenovo K330B?
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
@ResourcefulDB  - Thanks. I am assuming now you have concluded the card is not compatible as very originally suggested.
Daniel FoyeCommented:
Yeah right.
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