play a powerpoint continuously on my wordpress site with sound

I would like to play a long powerpoint on my wordpress site with recorded sound.  How is this possible?

When the file is done, I would like to loop it again for continuous play.   Is this possible?
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Well, there are a couple of different things you can do.

One would be to create a video of your presentation (using Save as Video in PPT is probably the easiest) and put the video on a private YouTube channel and embed that. Not sure you can loop it, though.

Another option would be to let it play in the PPT Webapp. For this, basically you put the presentation on OneDrive and then open the file from OneDrive. It will open in PPT in your browser -- that is the PPT Webapp. Then you generate embed code using the information here:  Put the embed code into Wordpress.

Your audio should play fine, and I am 99% sure it will loop if you've set that up in your presentation before putting it on OneDrive. (You'll have to set that part up using Slide Show | Set up Slide Show | Loop Continuously until ESC in PPT on your desktop.) Don't forget to make your transitions automatic.

Just be aware that people visiting your website will be able to download the presentation. At least that was the case last I knew. Checking on that now and will update once I have confirmation.
I should be clear that embedding it using the PPT Webapp actually puts it inline in the webpage, where it just plays -- almost like a video.

The example presentation in that link above sometimes won't load, which is a bad sign, I know. But I think that's more an issue with a specific MSFT server than anything else. Just sayin'.
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