How to send a link to a OneDrive for Business file

I am on Office365 and so I have OneDrive for Business. There is a folder in there 'Shared  with everyone' in which I have two file. I would like to invite someone to dowload these. I do not have an email address of this person, I just want to post the link to the files in an online thread.

When I am in that folder I see the message 'Everyone in Education Amusante can access the documents here'. 'Education Amusante' is the name of my small company, but that is not where I want to share this, I want this to be accessible like an open FTP folder. An know the path.
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Vasil Michev (MVP)Commented:
"Shared with everyone" is for internal sharing only. To share a file with external recipient for whom you dont know the email address, you need to create a guest link. This is done by selecting the file, clicking the "..." menu, then Share. A new dialog will pop up, with option to create a Guest link. Note that this option might have been disabled in your company.

More info in this article:
TheoRichelAuthor Commented:
Well the "..." option didnt produce anything like you said, but there is a Share button next to "..." and that did as you said. So thanks
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