MYSQL with PII Security Encryption

How to enable Mysql PII Security for some rows at DB level.

I heard it can be implemented without using Application  calls & can be enabled directly at the DB level.
Siva PrasadAdminAsked:
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Steve BinkCommented:
There is no encryption of that sort in MySQL.  Your options are:

1) Encrypt information in your code.  Having the application do the encryption is generally safer and more efficient.  For example, you don't need to transfer the encryption key or target data.

2) Use MySQL's encryption functions to encrypt data as needed.  While this is certainly possible, I would argue it to be less efficient than app-based encryption.  Also, it stores the key with the lock - never a good security scenario.  See for a description of how this is done.

One other possibility is to encrypt the file system, but that does not really protect against software access, only physical access to the drive.
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