Need a Messaging application

Hi, I'm looking for a Messaging application that works similar to Skype chat. I don't need the video and audio chat. Here are the requirements I'm looking for :
- preferably free. I might accept a low cost option without limitations and not subscription based, if it delivers all my requirements.
- preferably self hosted so i can host it on my server. Linux or Windows are both ok for me.
-  create users, then clients can add other users to chat with them just like Skype
- store history of chats  
- same user have the ability to login from different computers at the same time, and receive same message on all devices.
- when user1 send a msg to user2, user1 can log into another device and be able to see same msgs sent from other devices.
- audio notification when receiving a msg
- show a sign to user2 when user1 is typing, something like "user1 is typing"
- ability to send files
- has a compatible android client app.
- has a compatible windows client.

Even if i can find an open source application that does most of the above, where is possible to add the other missing features, that will be fine.
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Try OpenFire/Spark Jabber compatible server and client.
Giggz these days most of the old browser chats like e-buddy have been replaced with apps for mobile/ Facebook etc
Trillion uses all our old Hotmail yahoo etc as a one place to sign into them ( browser based) apps
Trillian is an instant messaging app that works on phones, tablets, and desktops
Pidgin is another

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GiggzManagerAuthor Commented:
hi and thank you for the comments,

cdesigner > i've been using openfire/spark for the past few months now, and i do like it but it's missing key features which i'm desperately in need, it could be an available option which i don't know how to enable, maybe if you have some knowledge using openfire/spark, maybe u could help?
the key features it's missing are:  being able to login from multiple devices at the same time to the same user account. seeing the message history on all devices regardless of where you login and when you login. how a sign when other user is typing.

Merete > i thought about the ability to use these systems, and i don't mind using them, but is there a way to disable all options to be able to login to other services like hotmail, yahoo, etc... because i know these services support other messaging systems at the same time; if i use them for business, i will have a problem with users loging into other services and wasting time during work hours. and i can't monitor these users all day long.

thank you guys for your suggestions, both suggestions are nice options, but still hoping to find something, or modify spark to do what i need, which makes it the perfect system for me.
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As far as I know, only Skype have an ability to use and manage multiple logins.
Hotmail is obsolete and replaced with
Messenger has moved to Skype

How is it your clients are still using it?
Trillian im opens to a page/panel there you choose which to log in to.
Like Hotmail you can select who to add as your contacts and who not to have
Trillian 5 Review "yotube video"
GiggzManagerAuthor Commented:
i didn't say anything about hotmail..!

i don't have clients using anything, this is only for internal use in the company. i want a solution where i can login from my mobile and 2 computers at the same time, and msg some of the other users in the company, when they reply back to me, i want to see the msgs on all my devices. i'm not interested in using skype or any public messenger as that will destroy my company. all my employees would be adding their friends and family on skype, they can chat with them during work; bad idea.

until today i have not been able to find anything with the specs i'm interested in.
Hi Giggz,  internal use in the company.
Like a Lan messenger?
have a look
Office chat

Instant messages, group chat, file sharing, voice calls, video calls, videoconferencing, telephone calls, mobile messaging for Android and iOS

send Messages Securely, Strictly Within Your Local Network
No Internet Connection Required
GiggzManagerAuthor Commented:
Merete, thank you for suggestions,

winpopup won't work for sure, as it's only for computers, i want to be able to send/receive msgs on mobile devices, as some of us are outside the office.

office chat, seem to have all the features i need, except it's not self-hosted, which means there is a cost to use it for our users, even though they do have a free basic option, i'm unsure of the limitations in it. also because we send sensitive data, i don't want a third-party to host the chat history for me for security reasons. so this option wouldn't be suitable for my situation.

bitrix24 i will have to dig deeper into their settings and test it out for a day or 2, i don't care much for the voice/video stuff, i only need chat and file sharing is a bonus. but it seems to be the closest to what i need so far. i will test it out this week and will reply back with my opinion.

if anyone else has any other close self-hosted solutions, please don't hesitate to let me know.

thank you all
Here's a couple more for your consideration Giggz
intramessenger open source
GiggzManagerAuthor Commented:
they are both based on xampp, which both don't support multi-user concurrent logins.

i also investigated bitrix24 and it also doesn't have the requirements we need either.

GiggzManagerAuthor Commented:
any other suggestions, anyone
Bill StoneCommented:
Did you see Bopup IM? Probably it answers to all of your requirements.
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