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Woocommerce Problems - Gravity Forms Add-On, Multiple Shipping Addresses

jpfulton asked
I'm working on an ecommerce section of my Wordpress driven website. The site uses woocommerce and a few woocommerce plugins. I only have one product, it comes in 3 sizes and each size can has multiple options (name printed on it, 2 colors each, etc etc). For that customization I use the gravity forms add-on to woocommerce and it is perfect (here's a sample of the add-on in action: http://lucasstark.com/estore/cart/. The other thing I need is, for customers purchasing multiple items in one order, to be able to ship each item to a different address. For that, I'm using this: http://www.woothemes.com/products/shipping-multiple-addresses/. This plugin seems to work well on its own, but when I try using it in conjunction with the gravity forms add-on it breaks the checkout page. The majority of the checkout page functions but at the bottom where you select your checkout method, the box is grayed out and I just have the spinning thing that doesn't stop (woocommerce's equivalent to the hour glass). I've tried different themes and disable/enable plugins. I also emailed my host about raising the memory limit but I think I'm already at 128MB.

When I use my web browser's javascript debugger I get this error:
Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token ILLEGAL

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Which leads to this bit of code:

                        jQuery(function() {
                                content: "Color Side 1: White
Color Side 2: White"

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My site is bfblanket.com
If you go to https://bfblanket.com/shop and add select a product, then add it to cart then add another product or just repeat the same one (you need two products in cart to see problem), go to checkout (https://bfblanket.com/checkout) then follow steps to select different shipping addresses for each item. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and see the spinning wheel.

Any help very much appreciated even if it's just pointing me to a developer or to documentation.

Thank you!!
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It's look like you have some unexpected, illegal, and invisible characters into the code.
Have you contacted the author of both plugins?
I spent some time commenting out sections of code and finally found that by commenting out a jquery that creates the content of a tooltip, everything works fine (except of course that the content of the tooltip doesn't appear). I am mildly content with the result.


I appreciated that idea but had already come up with a very mediocre 'solution' of my own.