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Hey Experts,

I am working in Access 2013.  Would consider myself somewhere between a beginner and intermediate user of this database application.  

I am wondering if there is a simple way of creating an additional calculated field column in a query that will calculate based on a dynamically generated field or expression in the same query.  I hope I phrased that correctly.  Here is the idea of the problem.  

I have a number that represents the objectives of each State that I labeled StateObjective.  For example, let us say the StateObjective of Hawaii is 50.  Meanwhile, I have an expression field already in the query that calculates the current number in Hawaii with a Count (*) expression.  Let us say it is 25.  I want my query, which currently calculates the current number in a Count expression and is currently outputting 25 for Hawaii, to subtract from the StateObjective number of 50 to equate to a new calculated field/expression with a result of 25...

I hope that I did not butcher my question.

Hopefully a solution or path will present itself...
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Saurabh Singh TeotiaCommented:
Assuming for each state you have a state objective..Then you can simply do this...

select state,StateObjective-count(state) as abc
from table1
group by state;

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Richard DanekeTrainerCommented:
Yes.  In QBE, you can reference a previously created calculated field in the same query in a newly created calculated field.  
For example, Newfield : [StateObjective] - [CountExpression]  would do just that (assuming CountExpression is your previously calculated field.
Dale FyeOwner, Developing Solutions LLCCommented:
From the way you describe this, it sounds like you have two tables, one containing the StateObjective value and a State field, another which contains multiple records for each State, which you use to compute your CurrentCount.

The way to accomplish this is generally with either two queries, or with a sub query.  The first query would use the Count(*) to get the number for each State.

SELECT State, Count(*) as CurrentCount
FROM yourTable

You could save that as a saved query, and join it to the other table, but I generally prefer to have a single query where possible, which would involve creating a subquery (see the query surrounded by () below).

SELECT T2.State, T2.StateObjective, T1.CurrentCount
, T2.StateObjective-NZ(T1.CurrentCount, 0) as Diff
FROM TableWithObjective as T2
SELECT State, Count(*) as CurrentCount
FROM SomeOtherTable
GROUP by State
) as T1
ON T2.State = T1.State
idejjedi2Author Commented:

Thanks. Your SQL Statement was helpful in me deciphering what I was doing wrong.  I was not referencing State field correctly in my SQL Statement, because I had labeled "AS State" incorrectly.  Thanks for the assistance.
Saurabh Singh TeotiaCommented:

Anytime..Happy to help... :-)

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