10774 - bad performance (index scan)

Hi experts

i have this query

select soh.AccountNumber, sod.LineTotal, sod.OrderQty, sod.UnitPrice,p.Name
from Sales.SalesOrderHeader soh
            Inner join Sales.SalesOrderDetail sod on soh.SalesOrderID = sod.SalesOrderID
            inner join Production.Product p
on sod.ProductID = p.ProductID
where sod.LineTotal > 1000;

That should create indexes, thanks

view execution plan attached.

sp_helpindex 'Sales.SalesOrderHeader'
index_name      index_description      index_keys
AK_SalesOrderHeader_rowguid      nonclustered, unique located on PRIMARY      rowguid
AK_SalesOrderHeader_SalesOrderNumber      nonclustered, unique located on PRIMARY      SalesOrderNumber
IX_SalesOrderHeader_CustomerID      nonclustered located on PRIMARY      CustomerID
IX_SalesOrderHeader_SalesPersonID      nonclustered located on PRIMARY      SalesPersonID
PK_SalesOrderHeader_SalesOrderID      clustered, unique, primary key located on PRIMARY      SalesOrderID

sp_helpindex 'Sales.SalesOrderDetail'
index_name      index_description      index_keys
AK_SalesOrderDetail_rowguid      nonclustered, unique located on PRIMARY      rowguid
IX_SalesOrderDetail_ProductID      nonclustered located on PRIMARY      ProductID
PK_SalesOrderDetail_SalesOrderID_SalesOrderDetailID      clustered, unique, primary key located on PRIMARY      SalesOrderID, SalesOrderDetailID

sp_helpindex 'Production.Product'
index_name      index_description      index_keys
AK_Product_Name      nonclustered, unique located on PRIMARY      Name
AK_Product_ProductNumber      nonclustered, unique located on PRIMARY      ProductNumber
AK_Product_rowguid      nonclustered, unique located on PRIMARY      rowguid
PK_Product_ProductID      clustered, unique, primary key located on PRIMARY      ProductID
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ste5anSenior DeveloperCommented:
The only thing you can do here is to create a covering index on SalesOrderDetail. Just enable the retrival of the actual execution plan. SSMS recommends an index to create.

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enrique_aeoAuthor Commented:
SSMS suggest
USE [AdventureWorks2012]
ON [Sales].[SalesOrderDetail] ([LineTotal])
INCLUDE ([SalesOrderID],[OrderQty],[ProductID],[UnitPrice])

seen in plan execution using the new index.
You can not do anything else? to improve scan
ste5anSenior DeveloperCommented:
No. Just think about the predicates you have in your query. Don't forget the columns in the JOIN condition. A covering index is normally the optimum. Just keep in mind that an index requires space, and a covering index requires more spaces.
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