Cloud based environment for Access/MSSQL apps

While I'm moving into the JavaScript framework universe, I've been increasingly exposed to Platform as a Service (PaaS) options like Heroku and Azure. That-being-said, I don't every think I'll leave my old MS Access / MSSQL databases behind entirely.

Here's what I'd love - A Heroku-ish or Azure-ish platform to which I could point my subcontractors and instruct them fully deploy the MS Access/MSSQL application on which they're working to a point where my QA/QC subcontractors or I can test it fully.

Sure, I could setup a VM on a Windows box, install MSSQL, and MS Access, and give my subs remote access, but I want to someone else to take care of the process for me. I'm happy to pay well for such a service.

Suggestions are appreciated.
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Scott Fell, EE MVEDeveloper & EE ModeratorCommented:
>Here's what I'd love - A Heroku-ish or Azure-ish platform to which I could point my subcontractors and instruct them fully deploy the MS Access/MSSQL application

Then use Azure with sql server but it is time to loose ms access if this is the direction you want to go (and it is a good direction).

The other platforms will typically have their own data stores such as or and all the rest... but I think Azure will be the only one with ms sql server.
btanExec ConsultantCommented:
most of the time, you will be getting the list of PaaS candidates such as Cloud Foundry, Microsoft Azure, Google App Engine, Amazon, Heroku, and OpenShift. Will be good to have them compared with their level of capability in
a) transparency in handling all assigned resource pool and workload type of platform,
b) provisioning of readily development tooling (GUI, command line, script, trigger, batch job, scheduled),
c) ability to trigger and review entire integration services and lifecycle (including area of security),
d) clear proven SLAs track and assurance in platform provisioning,
e) dynamic or static data stores and means (going down to granularity of CSV type, column/row based, statistical etc),
f) support of various programming models (in like of Ruby, Node.js, Python, Java, and PHP and their modeling support),
g provide customer with oversight and management as required (more of like KPI reporting assurance and maturity).

This also in reference to a comparison (in slideshare)done by IBM (though it can be geared towards CloudFoundary), but thought it is of interest since open to various ideas. The datastore (MSSQL etc) part (slide 8)  is shared with "higher" level given the Azure and AWS inclusive also (of course) CF. They also mentioned No-SQL too (probably gaining traction and attention against relational DB). The pro and cons are something worth noting too.

Just my few cents ...

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Mike SmithEnterprise VoIP & ISP BrokerCommented:
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jdanaAuthor Commented:
Great answers. Thanks guys.
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