How to create Bootstrap 3 responsive text using rem units

I am attempting to create a rem based site using Twitter-Bootstrap 3. In particular my text is not behaving responsively. It is just wrapping without changing font size or line height. I added a color change to the @media statements to visually track the break points. I'm not seeing any color changes either so the custom @media code is also not working. From what I have researched, it should be working. Obviously, I'm missing something. Please take a look at and steer me in the right direction.
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Tom BeckCommented:
Several problems with your css.

- Bootstrap sets the font color on the body instead of the html so I corrected that in the media queries.
- There is no space between the @ and 'media' in @media.
- There needs to be a colon after max-width like (max-width: 320px).
- All font-sizes and line-heights need a unit. I filled in 'rem' on those.
dlearman1Author Commented:
Tom... Thanks for your help. Things are looking much better now. I made  Few changes in the fiddle. 1) I set the base font-size to 10px inside html. My plan is to set 1 rem = 10px which should make mental conversion math easier. 2) Inside the @media blocks I am setting the font-size in rems on the body tag, instead of on the html tag. I'm thinking this will preserve a consistent base font size. Changing the html font size will scale the entire page. 3) I purged some unused classes from the html markup as a simplification.

The font sizes do change, but I'm having a difficult time verifying that the resulting font sizes are correct. Also, a put the text block inside a div to make sure the overall text block scaled. This isn't happening, maybe because the div doesn't have an intrinsic size? How can I trap the text to scale correctly.

Thanks for your time and expertise.
dlearman1Author Commented:
Tom... After a longer second look I can say that the font resizing is definitely not happening.
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Tom BeckCommented:
It's working fine in my tests using Firefox.

Let's see your latest attempt.

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dlearman1Author Commented:
I most have been looking at an old jsFiddle version, cause you're right it is working.  

Thanks for your help. Next problems to tackle are responsive background images and containing text inside a responsive div. But, these are separate questions.
dlearman1Author Commented:
Forgot the jsFiddle link. Here it is:
Tom BeckCommented:
Glad you got it sorted out. Thanks for the points.
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