How to install Macintosh

I just built a desktop computer for a customer and installed Windows 8.0.  
Now the customer would like me to partition the hard drive and on the second partition install Macintosh.
I have never done this before, so, can someone help me with this?
I need to know where to download an ISO file and burn it to a disk and then what is the proper sequence to installing it on the second partition.
Thank for your help
Will Schmidtowner Asked:
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The Apple EULA allows Macintosh operating systems to be installed only on Apple hardware. Installing it on non-Apple hardware is a breach of the EULA and Expert's Exchange rules prohibit members from assisting in such an endeavour on EE.
See for instance, this thread for a discussion of this issue:
Justin Pierce, CEH, CNDANASA Cybersecurity EngineerCommented:
Hi Beemmer,

  Strung beat me to the answer but if your willing to put in a little work you can change the shell of the 2nd install of Windows to make it look and somewhat feel like a Mac. Here is a link to program that will help out: Link and Link

All of that said, there really is nothing like the feel of Mac. So, if your customer wants one but needs to do it on the cheap then you have one question to ask:

(1) What will he/she be doing on the Mac?  (Basic work or intense photo editing).

Based on the answer you can choose the Mac that will best suit their needs. i.e. 2008 MacBook would be for those who need to be mobile, won't be doing anything too intense, don't mind not having a retina screen but wants the latest of OS X.

Mac minis are for the homebody who needs to do basic office work, host a home server, etc... All "Pro" models are for more graphic intense work, needs of more screen real estate, and don't mind spending a bit more money.

Once you find out what they need and their budget you can scour The Net and find some great deals on all model types. However, the HDDs that come with them will most likely need to be changed out with SSDs to give them speed and longer life. Last, you will need to up the RAM of whatever you get, so that they can work with multiple applications without getting the spinning beach ball of death.

A nice site to find cheap SSDs and RAM is: Link

Hope this helps.


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"Macintosh" is the computer, not software. So you can't install "Macintosh" on a PC.

Buy an iMAC from Apple, then you have a Macintosh. It will probably come with OSX Lion installed, the OS made by Apple. You can then also install Windows alongside OSX by partitioning and using Bootcamp, or you can install Other OS's as Virtual Machines using Parallels or VirtualBox.

But a PC can't be a Macintosh, and as has been mentioned, the Apple License agreement doesn't allow you to install OSX on non-apple hardware.

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Will Schmidtowner Author Commented:
Thanks for your help - I didn't know all that.
Vadim RappCommented:
It's not necessarily illegal, despite what EULA says. See discussion at . Depends on the country and on the specific license.
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