Altiris v7.5 and Microsoft Hyper-V Software Patching

We have 2 Hyper-V clusters on Server 2012 r2 with 5 hosts in each and are currently implementing 2 host clusters to another 15 sites. Our requirement is to keep these servers up to date with Microsoft patches with no downtime to the hosted virtual machines. We use SCVMM 2012r2 to manage this solution.

We have Altiris v7.5 installed but are having issues using this to patch the environment - Has anyone succeeded?

We currently perform this task manually by placing each host into maintenance mode, waiting for the VMs to migrate, installing the patches, rebooting and then putting this server back into service before moving to the next host.

We would like a method of automating this process to reduce the administrative overhead of our very talented and busy Infrastructure support team.
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Philip ElderTechnical Architect - HA/Compute/StorageCommented:
Cluster Aware Updating that's built into 2012 R2 works really well in tandem with WSUS/SC releasing patches according to an org's schedule.

That's how we patch all of our managed clusters.

EDIT: And, so long as the clusters and AD are set up correctly it's fully automated. Start it and leave it.
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