RDP login issue for only a few users

We have a customer who is using Windows Server 2012 R2 with the RDS role installed (Hyper-V client) and there are about 15 users that access the server at any given time. Last week we updated some accounting software and installed a few Windows security updates on the server and now there are 2 users that have an issue trying to login from their Thin Clients. They just get an error saying wrong username or password. The only way we have been able to fix the issue is to login to the RDS server using our administrator account (either thought the Hyper-V console or remotely) and then to open an RDP session to the RDS server and login using the user's normal account. Once we login as the user, we just log off and then they can login fine from their Thin Client. The 2 affected users always log off at the end of the day so it's not a hung RDP session.
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NVITEnd-user supportCommented:
...error saying wrong username or password
Several users are experiencing this, seemingly due to Windows Update(s)...

"...error message talking about incorrect credentials"

"Windows says their credentials are wrong"

 "...says the username and password are incorrect"

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VB ITSSpecialist ConsultantCommented:
What OS are the Thin Clients running? If you're not sure of the OS, give us the model number of the Thin Client and we'll be able to get the OS from there.

Is it at all possible that the users have accidentally saved incorrect login details for the remote connection? Have you connected remotely to their machines or physically stood next to them when they log in and seen the error message for yourself?
robinhornnzAuthor Commented:
Only 1 day after the issue started occurring, we other customers who use RDS who started having the same issues. In the case of the other customers, no one including our administrator account could login using RDP to the RDS server. I had to login to the RDS server locally from the HyperV console and then login to each person's profile, then log off which allowed them to be able to login from their Thin Clients, which are a mixture of T510, T610, T5510 and T5520.

We eventually narrowed it down to a Windows update that was causing the issue, as per the links in NewVillageIT's post above. We removed both KB3002657 and KB3046049 on all affected customers RDS servers, then proceeded to reboot those servers. The RDS servers our customers use are a mixture of Server 2008 R2 and Server 2012 R2.

So far so good.
robinhornnzAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the links NewVillageIT, the helped us with solving the issue.
NVITEnd-user supportCommented:
You're welcome, robinhornnz. I'm glad it turned out well. Have a nice day.

P.S. Thanks for sharing which updates caused it.
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