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Endless loop... please help me figure out why

Greetings, Experts!

I'm writing a function that checks for items received at zero cost.  I have a SQL recordset to get the list of receipts to check.  I want to loop through it and check the cost of each item received.  If the item being checked has a nonzero cost, then move on and check the next item.  If any item is found to have a zero cost, I want to immediately exit the loop and the function and return "false" to the calling program.  If all items are found to have a nonzero cost, I want to return "true" to the calling program.

This is my function.  I have one record in my recordset.  It has a nonzero cost.  I would have expected the loop to execute once, then exit and return true just before the 2nd time around because we should now be at the end of the recordset.  Instead, it keeps looping and I can't figure out why.  

Instead of the Do While Not... Loop construct, I have also tried Do... Loop While Not and Do .... Loop Until with no luck.  What am i missing here?

Many thanks!

Function IsItemCostNonZero()
   dim cn, rstItems, strConnectionString, strSQLInstanceName, strDatabaseName, strSQL
   set cn = createObject("ADODB.Connection")
   strConnectionString = "Provider=SQLOLEDB;Data Source=" & strSQLInstanceName & ";Persist Security Info=False;Initial Catalog=" & strDatabaseName & ";Integrated Security=SSPI"
   cn.Open strConnectionString

      ' get list of items to check
      strSQL = "SELECT Job, StockCode " & _
      "FROM dbo.ItemReceipts " & _
      "WHERE Job = '" & Form.Job & "' And RecType = 'I' " & _
      "GROUP BY Job, StockCode"

   Set rstItems = CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")
   rstItems.Open strSQL,cn

   If rstItems.EOF Then
      msgbox "No records in the recordset."
      Exit Function
   End If

	dim ItemOK, strWH, strStockCode
	strWH = "XXX"
	strStockCode = rstItems.Fields("StockCode").Value
   Do While NOT rstItems.EOF
		' exit loop if Item is found to have 0 cost	
		If GetUnitCost(strWH, strStockCode) = 0 Then
			ItemOK = false	
			Exit Do
		End If

   ' Close & release the recordset
   set rstItems = nothing

IsItemCostNonZero = ItemOK

End Function

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You need a MoveNext someplace.
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Martin Liss
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So, I do!  I knew it was something I should've been able to spot immediately and just wasn't seeing.  Thank you!
You're welcome and I'm glad I was able to help.

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