Podcast reader on Samsung note 4


I saved my podcasts on my external sd card
I found an app to read those podcast but I can make the app read from the external app

any suggestions?

Thank you
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Try these ideas:

a. press the menu button, go to settings, advanced then default storage and pick memory card.
THAT did not work for them. Here was their reply and the solution:
What's needed is the ability to download automatically to the EXTERNAL sd card, which is not available from that screen.
The operative word here is EXTERNAL, which is not the same as a sd card.

The solution was: If your phone is rooted, there is an Xposed module that let's you download directly to the SD card. Sent from a Galaxy S4 running SlimKat 4.4.2.

b. Go into the "Downloads" app and select SD Card in the menu.


Issue: With Android 4.0 and higher you can no longer install apps to the SD card, unless you root and apply a software mod.
Are you using Android?
speedtoflyAuthor Commented:
Yes but let's reformulated this question

I am now using a bit more than half of my memory after cleaning(No pictures, videos, a bit of music no files -- I moved everything on my PC

SO now if I want to have all my files, pictures, PDF, video etc automatically saved on my external card , what is the set up ?

Is it possible to save apps there too ?

My phone is a Samsung Note 4
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As of about a year ago the KiKat update Google (Android developers) decided to limit read/write permissions on the external sd card to most, if not all third party apps to the Android/Data directory.

Does that reflect your problem?
speedtoflyAuthor Commented:
yes for the apps thank you
for pictures, videos, files, pdf
is there a way to have them saved on external card automatically ?
speedtoflyAuthor Commented:
My problem as you can see on the picture is that my phone is getting full and my sd card empty
And I don't have a lot of pictures or video on my phone

So is all that space taken by apps?
Did you try A. and B. to get the files to your SD?
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