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Unable to make both OWA and Activesync working properly

paul_lin asked

 I spent whole day today to figure out how to make both OWA and ActiveSync working properly.  I can't make them working at the same time.    This is what I test both of them from Exchange 2003 IIS management,

 1. IF Let OWA working from http://mail.domain/exchange, and user is able to log on and open outlook web emails without error,   I have to configure authentication and access control on Directory Security for

 a,  Exchange Virtual server - Basic authentication
 b. Public - Basic authentication
 c. Exchange WEB - uncheck both Basic Authentication and Integrated Windows Authentication, and select the Enable anonymous access check box
 d.  Default Web site stop and then start.

 OWA will be working perfectly without error.    But ActiveSync stop and fail  working.

 2.  If let ActiveSync work perfectly,  I have to configure authentication and access control on Directory security for,

 a. Exchange Virtual Directory -  both integrated windows authentication and Basic authentication boxes check.
 b. No Touch exchange Web
 c. Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync Virtual Directory - Basic authentication box check.
 d. Public Virtual Directory - both integrated windows and Basic authentication boxes check.

 ActiveSync will be working perfectly, all mobile devices are synchronized properly.  BUT OWA fail working and user getting access denied.

 So, both OWA and ActiveSync are not able to work properly at the same time.   We don't have this problem for past 8 years.        The issue is the authentication between Basic and integrated windows, how to play correct roles for both OWA and ActiveSync working properly.  Exchange 2003 server is suddenly not able to determine those roles for both OWA and ActiveSync.

 Hopefully, you understand my writing for time I spent.  I am wondering whether it is causing by Microsoft widows updates to the server.

 Thank you and please help us to solve problems,
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Microsoft has published an article in regards to Troubleshooting Exchange 2003 OWA authentication issues - http://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/327843 - If you haven't already, please review the document; it likely has what you need to get OWA operational again with ActiveSync too.

If you are not already on the most recent Service Pack for Windows and Exchange, you might consider installing the missing Service Pack.



I have this trouble shooting article from MS, I have following the instructions step-by-step 3 times, I have restart mail server 3 times.  I just can not make both working properly.   If I let ActiveSync work properly, the OWA access denied.  If I let OWA work properly, ActiveSync stop working.       I had asked Amit to seek the solution on the weekend, I did not get his answer, and then I posted this problem to Expert-Exchange again.   You can trace all conversations with Amit.    Is this causing by Windows Server Security updates or Exchange 2003 is outdated and is not strong enough to handle both duties at the same time?

Thank you and help us to find solution,
Are your service packs for Exchange and Windows current?



Exchange 2003 service pack 3 and Windows server 2003 service pack 2

Thank you,
Here's what works for me:

Default Web Site properties: Enable anonymous access; enable Integrated Windows Authentication, SSL not required
Exchange-OMA properties: Enable Integrated and Basic authentication; SSL not required
ExchWeb properties: Enable anonymous access; SSL required
Microsoft-Server-Activesync: Enable Basic authentication; SSL not required
OMA properties: same as Activesync
Public: Enable Basic Authentication; SSL required

Give that configuration a try and see if it works for you.



We don't use SSL on oue Exchange 2003, is there any problem if I chose SSL?

Thank you,
If you don't have an SSL certificate, then don't select SSL.