recovering a dell PE2950 drive listed as foreign.

This is the situation:

I tookover a dell PE2950 server.

CLient says that it originally has 3 drives: C,D,H.

Going into open manage there are currently 2 Virtual devices listed.
Virtual disk 0 is Raid 1 with 2x 67.75GB disks located at physical disk 0:0:0 and 0:0:1
Virtual disk 1 is Raid 5 with 3x 278.88GB disks located at pysical Disk 0:0:2, 0:0:3, and 1:0:4

Firmware logs said that on Feb 15 "Storage Drive 5: Drive Slot Sensor for storage Drive fault was asserted". Windows logs says drive was removed.

Server was rebooted on 3/13. Firmware logs list:

Fri Mar 13 11:03:21 2015 "Storage Drive 5: Drive Slot Sensor for storage, Drive Removed"
Fri Mar 13 11:03:22 2015 "Storage Drive 5: Drive Slot Sensor for storage, Drive was deasserted"
Fri Mar 13 11:04:11 2015 "Storage Drive 5: Drive Slot Sensor for storage, Drive Presence was asserted"

I now see the drive 931gb drive in openmange but it's state is foreign. Is appears that it was originally set as a single drive without fault tollerance. Is there anyway to get the data back?

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bniermanAuthor Commented:
just noticed. The battery on the raid controller appears to be bad as well.
bniermanAuthor Commented:
Also just noticed that the problem drive is SATA while the other drives are SAS. Should I be able to just pull it out and put it on a SATA adapter?
Seth SimmonsSr. Systems AdministratorCommented:
import the foreign config

Also just noticed that the problem drive is SATA while the other drives are SAS.

it's fine having SATA and SAS but not in the same array
if this SATA drive was separate then that is fine though it sounds like it was a raid 0 by itself
hopefully you have a backup if the drive doesn't come back online
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bniermanAuthor Commented:
The 2,virtual disks are fine. What's also weird, is I thought you can only have two virtual disks are perc 5
Seth SimmonsSr. Systems AdministratorCommented:
PERC 5 supports up to 64 virtual disks

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bniermanAuthor Commented:
Evidentially they have no backup. I pulled it out of the machine and the raid carrier and used a sata adapter to connect to a notebook (win 8). the disk comes up but I have no rights to access it. I'm debating whether to force it to take ownership. I would think that would work. Right? I figure once I do that there is definitely no way to go back to the raid controller without wiping it.
Larrymey HawkinsCommented:
Well it sounds as if its pretty far gone I agree with seth you should only have to import the foreign config but if it was a RAID 0 failure fault being the drive then your going to be going down the nasty road of raid recovery. Try hooking the physical drives from the Virtual disk affected and Use this may help in retrieving the data. in this situation you want to try your best to import the foreign config and go from there this will happen when the battery dies and the server is shut down or loses power. If you can Import the foreign config then your in a backup rebuild position which is way better time wise than the Recover rebuild position.
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